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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Free Woman, Alice, Sour Candy, Plastic Doll, and Babylon are all such fun. Some of my favorite Gaga songs in recent memory.

    Fun Tonight is a short dated mess, Enigma is a screechfest, and Sine From Above is damn racket.
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  2. I like Stupid Love, it’s fine, but the way it comes in after Alice really is the sonic depiction of stepping on wet floor with socks on.
  3. Actually this is good, I just don’t like the Elton track that much.
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  5. Fun Tonight is super underrated. Very reminiscent of Brooklyn Nights for me.

    I can’t get over how amazing 911 is. It’s so classic Gaga yet feels like completely new territory at the same time. The verses might be one of my favorite things she’s ever done.

    Also OBSESSED with Alice and that middle 8.
    So The Fame in the best way.
  6. The lyrics in the album insert are "your monsters torture me".
  7. OK, my first run through as a unit. I am happier with the product as a whole, but I think it is definitely weaker than it needed to be. Plenty of good songwriting is buried in there, but the production through 2/3 of the album smears everything together into a frankly unmemorable gay haze.

    I think the album will possibly grow as I learn the lyrics, etc. But the set really does feel short on actual showstoppers.
  8. Sine from Above is GLORIOUS. It’s begging for an epic performance or music video.
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  9. I’ve always loved Gaga but not to the extent I stan other pop girls, she’s never released an album I’ve enjoyed for every track, although Artpop game pretty damn close.

    Chromatica is the album I always wanted from her, straight forward dance-pop, it’s fantastic, a real triumph. I feel so happy for her.
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  10. The way I referenced this at the beginning of the month and now Sine From Above is giving me teas of this song
  11. RMK


    Love Me Right took my wig based on that clip. It would've been a sweet edition in my opinion, but maybe she felt it would've stuck out in such a wall-to-wall dance affair.
  12. Sine From Above is giving me a glittery, poppers o’clock version of this:

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  13. Billboard just dug Joanne out of the grave and are dragging it again. I absolutely hate this narrative.
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  14. This is so pretty, anyone who was wanting an actual ballad will be fed.
    (not this lowkey reminding me of Wrapped Up, truly her Celeste moment)
  15. Ddd You all weren’t lying about Free Woman being made up of a stock music beat from YouTube ca 2013.

    Still I can’t help but bop to it and listen to her shouting that she’s a Free Woman like the basic mess I am.
  16. dd we were talking about this earlier, apparently they thought today was the day for hot takes.
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  17. This album is bad and it makes me sad. I know I'm shady to GaGa on this forum, but just 7 years ago I was a Free Woman.m4a getting my life in the Monster Pit of the Born This Way Ball. Just want her back

  18. The bonus tracks are out in the wild, fyi. (edit: oh, it was posted already)
    Love Me Right is probably the most Ally Maine song of the whole album. It's very lifetime movie credits song, but it's cute.
    The 1000 Doves piano version is actually a really nice bonus. It kind of makes me wish this was a 2CD set where one is the album we got and one is piano and orchestral versions of the tracks.
  19. the first time you listen to Sine from above's outro, it kinda feels like a punch in the face tbh
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  20. I keep hearing “my name isn’t Dallas.”
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