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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. How good it would be to shake the negativity all the time on this thread and bop a bit? Celebrate the music for once.
  2. It's so incredibly disappointing to see both critics and fans turning this release into a "Joanne vs. Chromatica" debate. I guess that's human nature, but it's still dumb. Regardless of anyone's issues, legitimate as they are, with the production and sound here, can Chromatica not also be authentic for her, just as Joanne was?

    Why does Joanne have to be some weird detour, or Chromatica have to be her caving to what the public wants, rather than two different genres/sounds she legitimately wanted to explore? That's not to say she was definitively successful exploring either sound to interesting effect with either album - (though I absolutely think she was). Talk about squaring things off into very simplified colors.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. I think most of the fans here are celebrating the good music from this album.
  5. She does have a Paper Gangsta though. It’s called 911 and it’s the best track on the album.

    I really like Love Me Right (I get why it’s a bonus track) but WHY IS IT TO SHORT?! WHY IS THERE NO BRIDGE?
  6. Rain on Me is officially a UK #1.
    She’s the first artist to have a #1 in three different decades this century.
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  7. Ok so it's gonna be kinda hard to put all my thoughts into words. I'm pretty sure many of the things have floated around as I read all those previous pages and thoughts on it but anyway. I had to listen to the album multiple times to be able to make somewhat objective statement. This is gonna be a bitsy long and, well, exhausting.

    My very first impression is that I'm basically getting an album of a throwback tracks (not particularly in a good way). It's been said the production mostly sounds faceless and basic but I'm more surprised by the fact Gaga would want her album to sound like this in 2020. Where are her smart musical twists? As I'm reading the credits I'm seeing she is not involved in a lot of the songs' production wise and that might've been the beginning of my problem. She also talked about BloodPop often coming to her when she was is a bad state of mind and not feeling like recording music but then they had some convos and went to do it. I feel like she wanted to be involved and connected so bad to correctly express and translate her feelings into music but for me she managed to do that only in terms of lyrics.

    The lyrics are also the thing about this album I appreciate the most. She's been so frank it gives me goosebumps. As I was listening and reading the lyrics I've had several moments I legit teared up (and it doesn't happen to me). At many places I really felt her for I haven't been in a best place myself. I just feel like most of these songs are so agressively produced like she was too strong and BloodPop tried to keep up with her. He just didn't. This album could've been so much more punching, so much more interesting if she wasn't in her bubble. I know she has to feel the connection with her producers but come on. There could be a 100 producers in the room who could've done her so much better with all of this but it just took only 1 BloodPop to make it this way.

    Another problem I see here that although I'm a slut for a good eurodance music, this record doesn't seem to give bitch a break to breathe and is kinda exhausting to listen to as in whole. I'm not begging for a ballad but why not ease a bit? The interludes are cute but 30 secs of strings wasn't that space to breathe I was longing for. I almost felt like she found herself recalling being trapped in the inferno of dance pop and said you're staying here with me for these 43 minutes cuz I want all of you to see. I just do feel most of the songs would be much more enjoyable if there were other tracks to, as mentioned, catch a breath.

    Also I dunno what kind of Biophilia moment were they trying to have at the end of Sine From Above but it's just not it, mom.

    Anyway the highlights of the album to me are the orchestral interludes, Alice (which hit me extra hard), the transition from Chromatica II to 911 is simply epic, and to 911 itself, again, I related. Replay was haunting to me in terms of what she's actually singing about which in contrast to the music felt huge. I also (just) like Sine From Above in terms of it sounding as an okay Eurovision song (an okay Eurovision song is a win for me cuz I find most of the actual ones bad, as much as I actually do love me some throwback 90's and 00's eurodance). Babylon is great. I wish more of the album sounded like Babylon and 911.

    Overall this is an album I will use from time to time, but it's just...fine. Tracks mentioned above I will use often. I just feel that I can't fully connect to the way they grabbed the whole thing. I very do much understand what her intention with all this Chromatica state of mind was, but ironically even though this is a very cohesive album of hers I do not connect to it as a whole at all. I'm kinda curious what they will bring with this whole CTV thing and hope there is more music to come through it (hello ARTPOP app) in terms of different versions, new songs, extended mixes and demos but I'm not holding my breath.

    I'm extra happy for her seeing the success and praise she's getting and charting high because she's a lovely soul and I'll always have a special place for her.
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  8. The way I've completely forgotten about Stupid Love's existence. Bye bitch!
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  9. The way this album sounds like the Enigma show looks.

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  10. It’s all down to taste but...I think Joanne shits all over this record.
  11. The chart hasn't aired/been posted yet or am I being too old school?
  12. I'm walking down the aisle to Chromatica I
  13. This whole “she’s ran out of ideas” narrative is exhausting. She’s just given us what is her most open album where she talks about her struggles with mental health, addiction and trauma from sexual assault.

    If she was that out of ideas she would have ran back to RedOne
  14. Just remembered why I stop using forums; negativity really shits on your experience. One minute you’re having the time of your life and then someone is like “if you like [insert song title], you definitely should kill yourself!”.
  15. I feel like this is willfully misinterpreting people for the sake of defending the album. The large majority of criticism is that the production is uninspired, not the lyrics.
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  16. Just say @RJF
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  17. The way I can't decide If I hate or love 911. I love the transition from the interlude, the first verse and the "can't see me croy" bits but then it kind of just gets increasingly worse and worse.
  18. This album ain't it. There's a real drop in quality after Free Woman and it never properly picks up. Fun Tonight, 911 and Plastic Doll was particularly a shit run of tracks. You can hear the influences and the direction she was aiming for but the execution falls flat.

    On a separate note, I'm surprised at the lack of single options on here. Other than Free Woman, I don't hear anything working on radio or streaming.
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