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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. If they still plan on doing 6 videos, then I imagine it looking like this when all is said and done. This is all just speculation based on the forecast she posted before “Rain On Me” was released, since these were the songs that matched the track times:

    Stupid Love
    Rain On Me
    Free Woman
    Sour Candy
    Fun Tonight

    “911” was also a match, but we only have 6 slots, so I guess it can go either way for “Fun Tonight” since she was apparently already working on a “Free Woman” video and “Sour Candy” is a no brainer.
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  2. Trinity Taylor voice Wheyur. Awr. The remixes.
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  3. I would like to switch Fun Tonight with 911 and that would be amazing.
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  4. I feel like artpop has the higher highs - but also it’s fair share of wince inducing moments lyrically - this album is clearly her least exciting and yet it’s such a smooth flow it’s grown on immensely.
  5. Perhaps I should rephrase that statement: It is low-key sad that Gaga's last truly great music video was "G.U.Y." The videos that y'all listed are good, but pale in comparison to her earlier videography.
    I wouldn't say that the "Rain On Me" music is bad, but in comparison to some of Gaga's better videos, it's not great.
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  6. I'm sure it's been mentioned 100s of times, but with the fast moving pace of this thread, things are bound to get missed...
    But, I am living for that bird noise in Babylon, it immediately makes me think of this 808 State song and play it afterwards.
  7. Rain on Me says fuckin hi???
  8. John Wayne sure, the other two....
  9. A me tea.

    Can we talk about how the melody and the lyrics on Fun Tonight are incredible and it makes my head hurts that they are wasted in such a sugary blandish production. It’s truly the one song i can resonate and completely agree with the Chromahaters that the production let it down.
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  10. G.U.Y ain't even a good video it's a long nonsensical mess.
  11. It´s the same sample. It comes from a sound library disc for the Emulator II by Emu-Systems. Must have been around 1987 or so.
    Another sample from this disc that´s been used to death is that pan-flute that you know from every ambient house track since 1989.
    Pacific State is a timeless bop.
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  12. "Rain On Me" is cute, but...

    And it's still better than every video that she's released since.
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  13. It’s very Born This Way melody wise but the production is terrible.
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  14. I do understand what you mean! Big budget short film cinematic extravaganza.
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  15. Loon sample, quick history of its place in rave music here:
  16. Thank you. One of her worst videos for me. Literally the only thing I like about it is that white paper bear outfit.
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  17. I'd love a piano version of Fun Tonight.
  18. You can feel all of her rage during that era when gives the top exec a dose of his own medicine and grabs him by the throat.
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  19. G.U.Y the video is the definition of great outifts, beautiful outfits.

    Messy and beautful in equal measure, much like it's parent album.
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  20. I appreciate and acknowledge the raw emotion behind the video, but that doesn't make it a good watch. I wanted to throw my computer as soon as Andy's Teletubby sun showed up.

    Anyway... I still think "Babylon" is such a weird closer.
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