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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I’m choosing to believe Sour Candy is a felching anthem. Come come unwrap me.

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  2. You really didn’t have to do this.
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  3. So sweet


    then I get a lil angry

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  4. Surely the perfect moment to put it out has already come and gone: when the song was gunning for #1?

    I suppose now it's best left for a future Greatest Hits or Deluxe re-release in ten years' time.
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  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

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  6. RMK


    The way his enthusiasm for the demo only led to it being shredded to pieces.
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  7. This album takes the prize of being "the album which sounds better every time you play it" in 2020.
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  8. I can't see me croy
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  9. The song is fine but the video was the turning point of Gaga going from fun pretentious to just plain annoying pretentious.
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  10. Like so many videos after it, Alejandro does start to go off the rails once the song basically ends and the remix portion begins. It was the beginning of her not knowing when to hit the breaks on an idea. But the first 3 minutes or so of the Alejandro video? Excellence.
  11. Alejandro is her best video. (Marry the Night, Applause, Perfect Illusion and Bad Romance are close behind.)
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  12. I think the FAME commercial is her best video. X
  13. Alejandro video is great.
    She needed to do that type of video at that point in her career.
    And it led nicely to Born This Way era.
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  14. My friend went to uni with them and met them a few times at parties etc. Girl drummer is nice and so is one of the boys and then the other four are exactly as cuntish as they appear - as well as openly homophobic. I’m trying to get my friend to spill the tea in a more public setting to spark a cancellation!
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  15. Alejandro video caused severe eye roll to me at the time given the pointless extension to the runtime, and how it was just a filmed Klein shoot (and felt so indebted to X-Static Process/his existing work). I appreciate the aesthetics more as time’s gone on, but it being in any way longer than the actual song is completely uncalled for and unwarranted.

    The tea is I don’t think she has a single long video I think justifies its extension beyond Marry The Night. Telephone is iconic and camp but I’m scarred from GAY Late insisting on playing the video version on the fucking dance floor.
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  16. The editing on the audio during the extended part of Alejandro's video bothers me because it just doesn't flow all that well, but I adore it aesthetically. The way a lot of people were wanting/expecting her to do Eh, Eh Part 2: Island Adventure and she went in the polar opposite direction - and it wound up fitting the song better, in my opinion - is iconic
  17. That extended bit of “Alejandro” is ironically the most Steven Klein part about it. He did similar “remixing” of Madonna’s songs during the X-Static Process exhibition. It’s like they couldn’t figure out how to end it, so they included each version.
  18. I remember there was a lot of disappointment that it wasn't a colorful beachy video, but I always thought the violins at the beginning gave the song a moodier vibe, so I was never expecting "Fun!" for the video. Plus The Fame Monster's general aesthetic/imagery was never leaning in that direction.
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  19. Paparazzi remains her best video.
  20. I think people actually have to be subscribed in order to cancel the subscription. Literally who?
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