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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Maybe for a Born This Way 10 Year Anniversary rerelease*?

    *Something we are never going to get.
  2. You'll get a tweet and some unsold merch from 2011, and you'll like it
  3. RMK


    The way I'd almost be afraid if she penciled a date for re-releasing this album. Every time this campaign moves something terrible happens in the world.
  4. I actually kind of love this, even though masks are being politicized and she is tagging in the Obamas... It's a nice effort to get people to wear masks.
  5. “Masks are being politicised” I’m sorry what? There’s a pandemic out there and masks should be worn. People being told to wear a mask is not politicising the matter, it’s saving people’s lives
  6. RJF


    Gaga puts on her Chromatica face mask, takes a selfie, and says, "That's enough album promo for this era I think <3"
  7. Unsure if you’re in the United States or not, but it’s sort of become an us vs them talking point between the left and the right. Sadly.

    Glad Gaga is helping with the message.
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  8. Oh that really is so well done. I’m adopting it as the ‘official’ video.
  9. You might not be from the US... But here it is a very political issue. We literally have people protesting wearing masks because they "Don't want to be told what to do with their body".
    So to have a big celebrity making "wearing masks cool" and @'ing a few celebrity friends to get on board is helpful at least a little bit and I, at least, appreciate to see that.
  10. Remind me again why health (which should be important for anyone, no matter what voting preference, race, sexuality, gender, religion) has to be political? Is it upcoming elections? It doesn’t make sense at all.

    I know WHO has influences too and stuff but... You know there’s a pandemic? It seems very ‘Merica.
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  11. Not commenting on her post itself, it’s nice of her to make a statement, but I can’t help feeling that this point is a bit weird. People who are against the masks are already under that “celebs and media are controlled by liberuhls” mindset, I don’t think anyone in that camp is gonna be swayed by Gags wearing a studded mask. It’s a bit of a preaching to the choir situation.

    Maybe it works on the younger crowd who doesn’t wear masks because they are being irresponsible / lazy, instead of ideological reasons.
  12. Wow
    Scheiße is literally, one of her very best. The mere intro of “I don’t speak German, but I can if you like” ... is honestly ... ugh her mind.
    And don’t even get me started on the music on the intro and the way it all goes nuts when she repeats the intro! Ugh I could go on.
  13. Thanks!
    It is that song for me (hence why I put together that MV edit 9 years ago). The fact she still performs it almost ten years later makes me really happy.
  14. Because Covid-19 isn’t real. Well maybe it is real but it’s not bad, not any worse than the flu. No, no, it’s bad in terms of cases but not deaths! Of course not as bad as all these mass suicides from needless social distancing measures, or drug overdoses, or, hm, carbon dioxide poisoning?

    There’s no real logic. Some are grifters taking advantage of the situation, including the current administration, some are (rightfully) paranoid and honestly probably aren’t using their prefrontal cortex very well, and some are, frankly, stupid.
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  15. I liked the album but I expected a less loose concept.

    Rain on me is the biggest highlight for me. They did THAT.

  16. Topic; Alice, 1000 Doves, Babylon and Rain On Me are the ones. Her vocals and songwriting on this album pierce my soul.
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  17. Fun Tonight is top 3 on this album and I will not hear otherwise. The melodies are impeccable, the lyrics are devastating and relatable and even though that mid-song drop is cheap, it is amazing.

    I am also very depressed.
  18. Okay so, this, for me.. is her best album since Born This Way.


    I can’t stop playing it!
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  19. Stupid Love - Mata-Nui
    Rain on Me - Metru-Nui

    Anyone else picking up on this?
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