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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. New content!!!

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  2. She said, "you can only have fun for two days MAX!"
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  3. Great, so push the song and make everyone aware it is that.
    Also you'll be surprised at how many people go to youtube or wherever to figure out what songs on there are.
  4. A lot of the songs that go viral on TikTok don’t have an artist or correct title attached. It became such an issue that labels have changed the titles of the songs to the incorrect ones so they were easily searchable
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  5. Chromatica II (Violin Strings) incoming
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  6. This is giving me war flashbacks to Mirror On the Ceiling.
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  7. The fact her nails are a different colour to the VMAs gives me hope she’s been buuuusy!

    As for a potential third / fourth single or whatever. I’m not phased by big chart success, it’d just be nice to get more content. Chromatica is a concept that is crying for more visual fun.
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  8. I cannot at Radio 1 having moved onto playing an edit of the three minute breeze that is Rain on Me. Especially one that cuts out the bridge. Mess.
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  9. ARTPOP’s revenge

  10. But can it make GIFs?
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  11. The collab we didn't know we needed.
  12. She’s so gorgeous

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  13. This hair color is IT.
  14. Yeah.... stunning!
  15. I'm guessing this is hair color for Single #3.
    And i'm ready.
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  16. RMK


    911 being a blue color scheme is intriguing. I thought they'd go with red.
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  17. "Free Woman" has to be the third single, no?
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  18. She's been serving face lately and I LOVE the hair color.

    Also, did the silver teal hair with her tan at the VMAs give anyone else flashback a bit to her hair/makeup at the 2010 VMAs?
  19. Maybe it’s meant to be like a “medical” mint green? Medical curtains, surgical masks... a bit far fetched but that’s all I can think of. Or maybe it just looks cool. Rain also isn’t lavender, but it’s a color that fits with Ariana and also fits with pink, as does mint green / teal. All pastel-ish colors.
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  20. The album version of “Free Woman” is better than the demo, y’all can suck it.
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