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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. The Honey Dijon remix of Free Woman is such a serve. Gaga’s vocals complement the minimalistic yet energetic production so well. Finally, something to match the 90s-house glory of Babylon.
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  2. "Same" - me when I lie
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  3. Are you even interested in music, or just in "stanning" and "unstanning"?
  4. SMG


    I've not stopped playing it this week. What a knockout.
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  6. I’ve had “I’M A FREE WOMAYUN AH-HUH” swirling around in my brain for the past week now. Come through, sleeper hit!
  7. Me when my biggest enemy is me

  8. Unrelated to recent topics but I just watched the "Rain on Me" video in 4K/ProRes and it's so much better when things aren't destroyed by YouTube's compression algorithm.
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  9. Yeah, it’s stunning. Even the colors are more vibrant.
  10. She looks so good with that blue hair. Please drop a video on us, Chromatica TV or something that isn’t Haus Labs!
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  11. She sure is posting a lot of selfies. Hopefully trying to keep us entertained by her beauty until she decided to announce what's next soon.
  12. Where can one watch this?
  13. You have to download it. There's a working link on Gaga Media Archives.
  14. Just to give you a warning... It’s over 3 gigabytes. It looks amazing though!
  15. And you things aren't blurry and you can see the noise / grain.
    It took some time to download but well worth it. I'm (trying) to do a piece for the contest so we will see if I can do it on top of all my day job / freelance work.
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  16. By the way, this was posted at 9:11pm EST.
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  17. Oop came here to post this. Here we go again with the clownery!
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  18. Yeah, the rain effects work much better here since there's no compression making the whole image pixelated. I posted about it a couple months back. I was really stunned at the difference.

    Some screenshots for anyone who can't download

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  19. God i'm ready for another great Gaga music video to come into my life.
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