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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Next friday is 9 11 but she surely wouldn‘t, would she?
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  2. Um... I mean. Releasing a song called 911 on 9/11 is a great idea. However, it's 9/11 so I don't know if that is... wrong?
  3. Her being a New Yorker and that day being one of the biggest world tragedies and meant to be a day of remembrance for the over 3,000 people that died, no.

    no no no.
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  4. Mayyyybe she can just wait until it's like 11:59 pm and be like "911 music video next week, thanks bye have a good weekend"
  5. I mean she did put out Judas right before Easter... but this sort of date would be something to avoid. Maybe she’ll drop it on November 9th...
  6. It’s called tact. Look it up.
  7. Part of me wants to buy into that and then the other part of me believes she really just uploaded a selfie at 6:11 p.m. her time.
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  8. I mean, this is the same woman who tweeted a quote from BloodPop last year in reference to something he said while she was making “911” on 9/11/19 at 11:09 before anyone knew about the track
  9. Sam


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  10. I really, really hope that both Gaga and her team know better than to release anything 911 related on 9/11.

    Lyrics like ‘pop a 911’ can easily be misinterpreted and the whole notion of a New Yorker releasing a song with that title on such an occasion, is like a disaster waiting to happen.
  11. She’s not stupid.
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  12. Releasing a single called Judas at the height of her success/career, would beg to differ.
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  13. R92


    Courting religious controversy with a song called “Judas” would hardly be on par with releasing a song called 911 on the anniversary of a tragedy with such a large impact of collective trauma on the American (and global) psyche that is referred to with the same date. That’s a false equivalency on “stupidity” if I’ve ever heard it.
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  14. Isn’t it ironic that you come away from this looking like the stupid and insensitive one
  15. I mean, Judas was an offensive song to religious people. You only have to Google to see the slew of vitriol leveraged against her for it. Admittedly, the groups she outraged are unlikely to fans of her.

    She can release 911 any other time and it’ll have absolutely no connection to 9/11 and people won’t even think about it.
  16. Insensitive how?
  17. There was nothing offensive about Judas.
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  18. You equating the deaths of thousands and the resulting war, which resulted in even more unnecessary deaths, to a few upset religious leaders. Does that really not register to you how that is insensitive and offensive?
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  19. WAP was offensive to religion people too...
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