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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Y’all should KNOW by now that the idea of Gaga promoting is conspiracy talk.
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  2. Personally I personally love 9/11
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  3. - Me, 3 years old, alone in the basement with a telephone.
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  4. Okay Bin Laden
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  5. Sam


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  6. The 9/11 discourse because the song is called NINE ONE ONE is so fucking stupid my GOD, stop.
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  7. Gaga saw the towers fall with her own eyes from her school and couldn't reach her mom on that day as she was working nearby. End of conversation.

    OT: I would like the era to be a few but effective medley perfomances (like at the VMAs). This way she can prepare for them properly, get to perform a big chunk of the album and strech out the era to summer 2021. I hope she uses award shows for this.
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  8. Now that I've gotten past my initial disappointment, I think I'm starting to appreciate the album for what it is. It's still her worst album and I'm dumbfounded by a lot of the decisions her & her collaborators have made this era, but I'm also not above a basic bop. Seeing her fully commit to this buffoonery at the VMAs maybe softened me a bit nn.
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  9. The shot of her drenched with a candid smile as she screams the second pre-chorus is sheer catharsis. Possibly my favourite moment of the video.
  10. I'm sorry but I am howling at this truly insane 911 9/11 conversation. Very in the spirit of Trump calling dead soldiers losers!
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  11. And suckers. Don't forget suckers.
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  12. I posted the tweet because I enjoyed the absolutely ridiculous replies. But comparing a pop single drop to substantive world news is... interesting.

    Apologies if my post whipped up any bad will. I was not advocating for the 911 9/11 rumor release. Just enjoying the more outlandish discourse.
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  13. Terrorism talk? In the Chromatica thread?

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  14. I still love Fun Tonight.
  15. Ava Max has been making terrorist threats towards Chromatica for months. I'm glad we're finally discussing it.
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  16. It seems like 911 as a single is becoming more likely from all the sirens. Though this was posted at 9:10....
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  17. On Chromatica, time is one minute ahead.
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  18. She’s already fired two ballistic missiles at it
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  19. Imagine thinking Chromatica is her worst album.
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  20. Don’t have to, cause it is.
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