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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

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    Courting religious controversy with a song called “Judas” would hardly be on par with releasing a song called 911 on the anniversary of a tragedy with such a large impact of collective trauma on the American (and global) psyche that is referred to with the same date. That’s a false equivalency on “stupidity” if I’ve ever heard it.
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  2. Isn’t it ironic that you come away from this looking like the stupid and insensitive one
  3. I mean, Judas was an offensive song to religious people. You only have to Google to see the slew of vitriol leveraged against her for it. Admittedly, the groups she outraged are unlikely to fans of her.

    She can release 911 any other time and it’ll have absolutely no connection to 9/11 and people won’t even think about it.
  4. Insensitive how?
  5. There was nothing offensive about Judas.
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  6. You equating the deaths of thousands and the resulting war, which resulted in even more unnecessary deaths, to a few upset religious leaders. Does that really not register to you how that is insensitive and offensive?
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  7. WAP was offensive to religion people too...
  8. Only to the ones that had DAPs, Dry ass pussies.
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  9. Pretty much everything Gaga stands for and promotes is against organized religion’s beliefs. Releasing a song called “Judas” is not comparable on any level to releasing a song called “911” on 9/11. End of. If anyone genuinely thinks Gaga, as a New Yorker and generally compassionate human being would ever pull a stunt like that, I really suggest you check yourself. The fact this is even a discussion is ridiculous.
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  10. I simply highlighted the fact she’s previously made controversial decisions when it comes to what music release.

    I’d also imagine it probably didn’t stop with ‘just’ offending religious leaders. Glamourising elements of people’s faith and playing dress up as religious figures was a questionable choice and I imagine, isn’t something she’d necessarily re-do now.
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    Judas as the bar for her stupidity when making a song/video with R Kelly about doing what you want with her body *and* with visuals from Terry Richardson is right there...
  12. I don’t get how the R Kelly situation was ever even allowed to happen. Everyone knew back then and before about his actions, yet they still did it. Same with Terry.
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  13. Are we really having an argument about something that categorically isn’t going to happen?
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  14. Just another day in Chromatica.
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  15. The “Judas controversy” wasn’t really a controversy. I’m sure there were some articles by the religious right that were angry but some of her stans desperately wanted her to have a Like A Prayer moment and made it out like it was a super risky career move. It wasn’t.
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  16. The ‘Judas’ single campaign is not worth this level of intellectual dissection.
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  17. Wait but I’m just discovering those glorious harmonies beneath the chorus of 9/11 and icanheargoddotgif.
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  18. Didn’t it take until like literally last year for R Kelly to finally be held to account for his actions? Obviously, it was public knowledge back then that he was no good (marrying Aaliyah when she was a minor, for example) but it just seemed to be accepted and ignored. Very, very strange.
  19. They put the VMA performance up on her own channel.

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  20. Quite a few of Gaga’s more impactful / ‘iconic’ moments have offended. I guess that’s the nature of an artist like Gaga, who hasn’t shied away from pushing boundaries. I’ve got a friend who’s vegan that went from ‘yaaaaaas Gaga’ to completely disenfranchised with her overnight, ever since the meat dress.
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