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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I really liked it but the LG placement in the middle of her terrorized shrieking jskskskfnalmakskakamxnckqllwlwkwnfdllasnnckskwoqowofngnldmdkdpqkamsms
  2. I wonder if this will get any remixes. Still miffed Stu Pitt Luv only got one (apart from the Ellis mix, I guess?) when we know at least two or three more exist
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  3. Okay but SFA at the end... What does it mean?
  4. What I’m gonna carve into @RJF’s forehead once I finally capture him
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  5. Fantastic video.

    It‘s so interesting that it‘s all so bright, colorful and Gaga looking amazing throughout and then the end comes and you go: Oh Shit!
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  6. Yeah that's very true! I guess I just really missed this side of her.
  7. The Rain on Me video is what you would expect from a heavyweight collaboration on a song called Rain on Me. Dystopian, dark but still glossy and based on chemistry and performance. 911 is that later single where she lets her imagination run wild and go a different place entirely, like Marry the Night and GUY.
  8. The first watch of this is a ride but after that ending, and putting everything together, the second watch is an experience.
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  9. I wonder if this moment with a fan impacted her, she studied into it, and it helped to inspire her for this video along with Tarsem Singh's ideas.
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  11. WHAT



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  12. Ha. I mean, maybe that.
    But I wouldn't put it past Gaga to take the things she's given by fans to heart. She's such an emotional person and really cherishes the things her fans share with her. Could be a coincidence, But it's still a nice coincidence at that.
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  13. Not L. Gaga proving she can still make curated and slick videos
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  14. “My biggest Enemy is me, pop a 911”

    Because Gaga is the ‘Enemy’ of the piece in her mind because she caused the accident because she wasn’t fully lucid because of ‘popping’ pain pills and it’s resulted in the need for Medical attention, or ‘911’.

    Gaga’s mind has been WERKING during lockdown it would seem.
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  15. Just as I was ready to call in the pallbearers on the abandoned corpse of the campaign, she reaches new heights like this.

    I now want another 5 videos from this album.
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  16. R92


    Looks like we will be representing again!
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  17. If the next batch of videos could keep up with this tone (yes please to the suggestion of Replay), she really would be able to wrestle this one completely back for me. There is a lot of amazing lyricism she could pick up on (and just avoid the couple of turkeys, please googs).

    But this video mostly excites me for the future. She admits she was in a dark place during recording and it took a considerable amount of her. That period being in the past (although still obviously a daily struggle for her) combined with the fact she feels at her most creative in years bodes extremely well for the future (to me). Where next is a question we often ask but I don’t know if it’s ever felt as much of a question mark, or so exciting. Something just feels... unleashed in her.
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  18. Does anyone know the movie poster to the right?
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