Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

I don't know, I think we're conflating presentation and the actual music here. Sure, her first couple of eras were electric but that was more down to Gaga herself and the passion, vision and inspiration she brought to the projects rather than the music itself which ironically, was also described as a step above Cascada back then. It was the images, performances and Gaga's ethos that elevated the music into timeless and iconic pop. If they were similarly tossed out to die with no support like Chromatica was, would they feel as electric as they do in retrospect?

Someone on my Twitter feed posted about this the other day. Gaga is musician, yes, but her real talent when it comes to her music is creating a experience around it all. Without that experience, everything feels flat. The most frustrating part is that she had that experience planned out. They had so much crap in the works that would've elevated everything about the music and era to the level we all expected. That's a big part of why I'm not fed up at the moment. She did give up once everything fell apart, and I wish she hadn't, but just knowing that they did in fact have huge things planned gives me hope for when she's ready to jump in the ring again.

It is what it is. If there is one thing I wish she'd do at this point, it's sit down with someone and dive into how she's been feeling over the past year. What made her "give up" on the era, why did she feel defeated, how did it feel watching an album you worked so hard on go down in flames? I'm really curious as to why they didn't pivot like literally every other popstar.
...the makeup is just a photoshoot. It's a single day of posing and then her digital team does the rest. She's not out there stuffing the Oreos herself. These things take very little effort.

I've brought this up before. The side things she is doing, despite getting cries of "Why can't she just focus on her music career?", are such little effort for her that they really aren't taking time away from her doing music things.
The problem is not the existence of Haus Labs or Oreos (don't @ me or quote that, I already see the sassy quote happening) and what goes in to making those campaigns happen, the problem is that she is only doing those things. Or you know what, maybe she isn't only doing those things, but we just don't know. Because other than some vague "Yeah we're working on stuff" that her collaborators occasionally tell us, we have no clue what she's actually doing ever anymore. But just because we don't know, doesn't mean it's nothing. It just feels like that. Because we're waiting for things that may or may not happen. And expectations are very low judging how the last few months have gone.
As a long time stan my take on this disappointing year is that it was bound to happen given the fact that 1) her team has never been nimble or adaptive in the face of challenges, let alone that savy or even competent at the best of times; 2) she's always been arbitrarily and illogically particular about how her work is promoted and presented, especially deeper into her career where her autonomy and ability to say “no” has increased; and 3) the very precarious reality of her mental and physical health. Throw the gigantic wrench that is an unprecedented pandemic into all of this and you get this blink and you’ll miss it era.

Very disappointing but not exactly hard to wrap one’s head around. Hopefully next time we get a better album with a little bit more promo behind it and fire under her.
You don't sell 270,000 copies in your first week based off another artists success. Ariana was clearly a point for streaming numbers and a hit, it worked, but diminishing her success entirely is a bit ridiculous. The era was trending every five minutes on twitter when the slightest bit of information leaked, the entire album charted high on Spotify, and everyone was here for her. If you take Ariana out of the equation you, what, have 50K less sales and a second single that didn't reach number one? Okay.


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All these brand sponsorships are being used to fund her next project: The visual epic that will be the long-awaited Born This Way II, an immersive, feature length, neo-punk, L. Gaga, cinematic experience about the infinite birth and pendulum dance between the two ultimate forces of Chromatica and GOAT, a government-owned territory in space, that will cement her in the annals of history as the only person to be Oscar nominated for Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Original Song, released in May 2021 to coincide with the ten year anniversary of Born This Way.

I can't at the contortions on the previous page to rewrite Gaga's history as her strength being more of a curator of an ~experience~ like she's selling us an all-inclusive package holiday, rather than... a songwriter, basically playing into every single fucking baseless critique that everything she did around the music was more interesting than the actual music. Girls, ask yourselves: is Chromatica worth losing your damn dignity over?

The key to Gaga's brilliance was always the amazing pop music she made. Y'all are not about to try and sell me the idea that the real reason people find the album lacking is because she hasn't supported it with a proper campaign. Sisters, I've been through every campaign. I was there. Nearly all of them were traumatic, with the amazing music being a respite from whatever her wreck of a team were botching at any given moment. If there was an amazing album to enjoy, people wouldn't give a shit.
Don't tell me it was a Chromatica Oreo covering some private bits.
And if it was, thank you deleting it before that burned into my eyes.