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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. 2 minute zoom call and that will be it. Maybe a dodgy signed vinyl and a packet of those oreos as well.
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  3. Not much of a gaga fan but she did an awesome performance at the inauguration.
  4. I wonder who is gonna be “Love Me Right”? Maybe the Pope will be “1000 Doves”.

  5. Well I wonder if they are working with her on new material. I mean over the last four months Burns, Ben Rice, Rami Yacoub and BloodPop have been in the same studio.
    And Lady Gaga is quite silent when she's working on new things lately so I could see her working on what's next.
  6. If anything I don't imagine a whole new body of work. It could potentially be a re-release of the album with 3-4 new songs??
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  7. You're probably right, but over 4 months for only 3 songs ? It's almost as long as her Henson Studio sessions last year for the full Chromatica album. That studio is clearly booked, they post about the sessions there like every weeks since October. Let's wait and see I guess.
  8. A new handful of songs potentially causing another months-long debate over 2005 Ibiza compilation inspired drops and why they're actually 1994 Chicago house sounding? My body memory is triggered with spasms. Bring it on.

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  9. A DJ friend of mine did great remixes of all the Chromatica songs - it will premiere on youtube in an hour -
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  10. The Chromatica Monster is coming (it’s not).
  11. Oreos are vegan!!
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  12. Is there a reason she basically gave up on the album? Wasn’t there a rumor that she had already shot a video for Babylon. Too weird. I know there’s a pandemic going on but people are still working around it. The album did well, no?
  13. Just my opinion but I think she feels frustrated serving an album campaign in the middle of how the world is going lately. Add the fact the tour will be cancelled (or postponed again, which I doubt) and the fact her next project as an actress is about to start next month.

    I just hope her next album will get more focus and content. Because as much as I love Chromatica album, the lack of involvement makes the general era is her weakest ever, by far.

    Out of topic, but apparently SOPHIE has passed away. If that's true, RIP to that talented artist and producer !
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  14. Oh my God!
  15. Damn, that's awful news about SOPHIE.
  16. In this interview
    She mentions how this past year has made her want to focus on charitable things.
    I think she just wanted to make the active decision to not be pushing music when there is a lot of shit going on in the world.
    Of course, that sucks for the fans, and some fans think that's just an excuse because she's lazy or something. But we've spent enough years seeing how caring she is towards the turmoil of others that I can totally believe she'd want music to be side to whatever charitable thing she can get into. Of course, the sponsored posts still get through and that's kind of annoying. But, that's what I see. It was honestly just a poor time to come out with an album. Hopefully the wait before the next one (or a potential rerelease) isn't too long so she can make up for doing minimal things with this one.
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  17. Poor timing and a lack of opportunities. They never really re-shuffled her promo schedule and she decided to focus on other things during the past year such as being charitable and helping organisations. There was rumours floating about that she shot something back in January of 2020 before Stupid Love and it's yet to see the light of day. I did hear "Babylon" and "Free Woman" were in the pipeline but at this point it's all just hearsay. There is no solid proof of anything.
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  18. Well I do know she has two movies coming out in the future. I just hope we won’t have to wait long for her next project.
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  19. I hope to be proved wrong but I hardly see her releasing anything new in the next two years. It usually takes her that time to write, produce demos, (then scrapping songs / producers) and finish a final album.
  20. I wonder which setup this look was originally for?
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