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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Charli just posted this

  2. Its a good looking ad but that‘s about it.

    Not that I expected a 12 minutes Chromatica film anyway.

    It would be a good intro.
  3. The ad looks phenomenal, the version of free woman is a car crash for the ears
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  4. Okay work a new Inception trailer, about 10 years after release.
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  5. The possibility of a Charli remix / Gagxcx 'collab' is maybe the most exciting thing this ""era"" besides the VMA performance
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  6. Shocked that after all the things she (didn't) do during this campaign you were expecting a fully fledged music video from a champagne ad.

    Anyway, it looks amazing (even if it's very déjà vu for her - this wouldn't be out of place on the Born This Way era).
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  8. This ad is well made but it feels like she got into high drag, went through the familiar motions with Nick Knight, and called it a day.

    The 911 video remains the only fresh take on a Lady Gaga visual this entire era; a proper manifestation of her current psyche and something she felt compelled to express herself through.
  9. It’s a stunning commercial. I know brands have been using the word ~film very....liberally but the fact that it wasn’t even a minute long is borderline insulting.

    As others have said, Free Woman doesn’t really go with the orchestration but the few seconds where they sync up....heaven. When there was that split second light-show it was giving me Confessions at Versailles vibes (and I loved it).

    Welp I guess it will join Beyonce in the pantheon of high-budgeted ads that could have easily been made into full videos even though Bey’s was 90 seconds long at least.

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  10. I see some fans already holding on to Gaga‘s words „First look“.
  11. I was confused by it at first, but I'm pretty sure it just meant she was the first to post it. Fans keep talking about the contract saying there's a three minute ad, but I've read over it twice and I don't see anything about that


    Not a big deal, but of course it'll turn into a thing because people are annoyed. Anyway, I enjoy (?) the ad, and I'm happy there's some sign of life, but I'm definitely more excited over the prospect of the remix album.
  12. The fheg hoots’ terminal allergy to the album version of Babylon feels like a personal attack on me, myself, individually. Fuck an ABEHABEHABEH
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  13. The first frame of the ad combined with the choir coming in so aggressive with that "FREE. WOMAN. BE. FREE." chant has me screaming

  14. I want the OG Babylon for completion purposes (plus the guitar sample and different affectation on the leaked snippet sounds great), but the album version is absolutely glorious, and I think they made the right decision for sure.
  15. It sounds good, I think I’m just sick of hearing about it (and the album version is so up my alley that I take any and all slights against it personally, dd).

    OG Babylon is her Avicii Heart at this point.
  16. It's very stylish but it's the first time I truly feel like she's treading water.
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  17. The way the Free Woman vocals are absolutely just shoehorned into that ad and aren't even in the same key most of the time. I...

  18. I’m assuming unofficial project?
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