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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. It’s beautiful and the fashion is a serve. But I can’t muster all that much excitement for her latest advert, promoting a ridiculously expensive Champagne, no matter how beautifully filmed it may be.

    I am however excited for the Gucci era - no doubt Gaga will be serving iconic fashion moments throughout the promo trail.
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  2. Her relentlessly doing nothing except use her debatably-decent 2020 bops to almost comically shill for companies who don’t give a shit about her or her audience is... well, it’s expected at this point. It’s kinda sad that the rabid stans will of course eat up Stefani dragging up as Gaga again as long “she serves” despite the fact no stans are going to buy a Tudor watch or Dom Perignon or whatever. I suppose they’ll be content with literal crumbs from the discount 50p Chromatica Oreos found in the Tesco bargain bin? Truly queen of catering to the high AND the low! 20-21 Gaga has been working on her archetypal “pop star from a dystopian capitalist future who exists only to SELLLLL!” shtick, that’s for sure. A method actress!

    Whoever said she’s giving RuPaul “won’t get in drag unless the cheque’s big enough” teas was spot on the other day.

    I’ll wait with a clown nose by my side for Club Chromatica, which actually holds a shred of promise that this dead horse era will close out nicely.
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  3. I suppose the relentless shilling would go down easier if it was the dessert instead of the main course but since all the content we've gotten in a year is just endless sponsorships it does get a bit old, even with Nick Knight at the helm. I sure hope she knows how unhappy the fans are, even if she stubbornly refuses to communicate anything other than "buy this!".
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  4. Me frantically searching for the preorder link
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  5. According to Eclipse she did a song for an action movie that is coming out this summer. Also more cancelled plans like the We Can Survive concert, KIIS FM and Z100 Jingle Balls dd.


  6. But we have been served the dessert

  7. I bought the box and after ONE it was tossed. SO bad.
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  8. There was a voiceover in the Co-op today advertising the Oreos.
  9. The fact that she could easily get her dancers and 10-15 drag queens together and film an amazing video for Babylon in less than a day but she still wont do it disappoints me greatly.
  10. And it's only a 7 hour flight from Italy to Iraq, she could film in literal Babylon. Lazy!
  11. Come thruuu Mesopotamian Queen.
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  12. RMK


    Hm... Maybe Black Widow?

    Also, ignoring the ad that went live today. It's obviously just fate, but it's quite ironic that out of all her music video plans, the only thing she got in before lockdown was the one for a sponsorship.
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  13. That or Top Gun: Maverick.
  14. The ad is stunning and the out of sync vocals are pleasantly chilling. It feels otherworldly. Surely this can’t be all that came from her working with Nick?
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  15. Well, and Rain On Me.
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  16. The wiggly font in the advert did give me ARTPOP Act II vibes.
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  17. I find it hard to believe that this... is all there is from the "film". Like they really got all her dancers into costume and makeup to be filmed for 0.1 second?? It leaves a lot more to be desired.
  18. Maybe I'm thicc but I was expecting a full Free Woman video with the full song. Mess.
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  19. Nick did say they shot a music video back when it was first happening, as well as Showstudio saying the same thing last week, but clearly these terms mean something different to them dd. I also hate the term "film" being used for things just because they don't want to call it an ad for some reason.
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