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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Oh BLESS you
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  2. That’s basically her Starbucks No Karens Allowed face.
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  3. I'm actually getting House of Abundance from that still which only makes my desire for a Baba Lawn video stronger
  4. Well the mug was right.
  5. Okay I’m sure it’s been said before but it really is so crazy how the Chromatica era has really flipped ARTPOP’s whole “music not the bling” mantra on its fucking head. Truly a reverse Warholian experience if there ever was one.
  6. Oh fuck what a good mix. "Chromatica I" is really a moment too.
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  7. The way this is lowkey miles better...
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  8. They really just used Free Woman so they could have the subliminal messaging of her saying "I WANT IT, WANT IT" while trying to sell us something, huh?
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  9. RMK


    The way we could've actually gotten one of her best promo eras out of Chromatica, and the world collapsed on itself.
  10. But also how willing she was to abandon ship
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  11. Coachella
    Jingle Ball

    we would have been fed. And not with Oreos.
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  12. I get that we have no idea what happened behind the scenes last year and how Gaga herself was feeling, but that is an issue in itself created by her team. Their way of teasing information and alluding to things that never transpire is a little odd.

    We got tidbits of information of high profile promo slots that were cancelled, such as Coachella, alongside teasing of there always being ‘more to come’ and then... nothing. Even her manager alluded to a diversified promotional strategy that never materialised.

    It would have been easier and more beneficial for both her fan base and no doubt Gaga herself if they’d just come out and said that the era was over, rather than leaving people to speculate what may or may not be happening. Obviously the general public remain unbothered by all of this, but for her fans who were excited for her ‘return to dance pop’ I imagine it’s left them kinda dejected.
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  13. Dhgkelwbeajqw
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  14. Can one of you be a kindness punk (ALSSKFF) and @ me when the new Chromatica vinyl is restocked?

    I wanna get it together with the new crewneck, thanks!
  15. The way this is infinitely better than the official version. It even makes more sense with the scenes of Gags looking around the new shiny world with no clear direction, lost and in awe of the opulent wonderland around her!! We lost again.
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  16. Poor Jim Apple's iPhone 11 Max Pro 8-bit Stupid Love footage. There's a reason the girls still use 8K RED cameras in 2021, Mr. Jim Apple.

    The disembodied CD vocals over that Dom Perignon string arrangement tho :deadbanana4:
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  17. What?
  18. Stupid Love being shot on an iPhone, I assume.
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  19. In hindsight, I’m shocked she never did a partnership with Apple for Stupid Love themed phone cases etc.
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  20. I wonder if she feels bad for peddling Lamborghinis, champagne, luxury watches etc in the middle of a pandemic. I'm aware the contracts were signed months if not years in advance but the timing is so unfortunate.
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