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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. “I’ve been singing jazz looking up to Dom Perignon since I was a little girl.”
  2. Her technically not posting either way is what's funny. Why do nothing for free when you can get paid instead nn

    She says this is a "first look" on her stories, so I'm guessing she either means there are other ads beyond the 4 that came out today, or she's referring to the overall 2 year collaboration. The contract said there's a summer edition and a New Year edition.
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  3. He died in 1715? Surely that quote is taken out of context
  4. I watched with the sound muted so I found it stunning.

    Looks amazing and just makes it even harder to accept what could've been had the Chromatica era gone as planned.
  5. From the very beginning when the first rumours about her collaborating with miss Knight again appeared, I was most excited. I was picturing another iconic mv she's gonna deliver and it ended up being...a commercial for an overly expensive champaigne.

    The com looks good, I like this arrangement of Free Woman much more than the album one and I wish this was included in the potential remix album. It just disappoints me that she's basically spend the whole year focused on promoting other products more than her actual album. As I was bitching when the record came out I learned how to not hate it and even enjoy it from time to time but oh the things she could've done with it. She was always the one with original and creative ways how to take things next level. Where has that gone?

    Well at least I'm glad we're about to see her in another film (yes, Nick darling, an actual film) and hope she's gonna serve. It's time for a new chapter, hens.

  6. You can communicate with the dead on Chromatica
  7. And Joanne. It's a running theme.
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  8. Well I guess... I guess at least there was no ugly drop!

    Video is a serve and the... Remix? Is odd but there were few seconds that it was “oh wow”

    Now Twitter Stans do your job and edit it with Babylon. That’s me, I am TwitterStan.
  9. Gaga channeling her inner Ruby Zeldastein by speaking to Joanne and now Dom Perignon.

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  10. Much better!

  11. Charli just posted this

  12. Its a good looking ad but that‘s about it.

    Not that I expected a 12 minutes Chromatica film anyway.

    It would be a good intro.
  13. The ad looks phenomenal, the version of free woman is a car crash for the ears
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  14. Okay work a new Inception trailer, about 10 years after release.
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  15. The possibility of a Charli remix / Gagxcx 'collab' is maybe the most exciting thing this ""era"" besides the VMA performance
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  16. Shocked that after all the things she (didn't) do during this campaign you were expecting a fully fledged music video from a champagne ad.

    Anyway, it looks amazing (even if it's very déjà vu for her - this wouldn't be out of place on the Born This Way era).
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  18. This ad is well made but it feels like she got into high drag, went through the familiar motions with Nick Knight, and called it a day.

    The 911 video remains the only fresh take on a Lady Gaga visual this entire era; a proper manifestation of her current psyche and something she felt compelled to express herself through.
  19. It’s a stunning commercial. I know brands have been using the word ~film very....liberally but the fact that it wasn’t even a minute long is borderline insulting.

    As others have said, Free Woman doesn’t really go with the orchestration but the few seconds where they sync up....heaven. When there was that split second light-show it was giving me Confessions at Versailles vibes (and I loved it).

    Welp I guess it will join Beyonce in the pantheon of high-budgeted ads that could have easily been made into full videos even though Bey’s was 90 seconds long at least.

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