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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I wonder if she feels bad for peddling Lamborghinis, champagne, luxury watches etc in the middle of a pandemic. I'm aware the contracts were signed months if not years in advance but the timing is so unfortunate.
  2. Dragging the Stupid Love video and it's overly-compressed and information deficient footage.
  3. Is that still on your mind? OK...
  4. The target audience for Lamborghinis, champagne, luxury watches etc hasn't been affected by the pandemic. I'd even say some have profited.

    It definitely isn't a good look though.
  5. I hope that there are some very wealthy Kindness Punks out there.
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  6. It's giivng me this:

    but.... metallized. I would buy a bottle for the packaging design of the box. But not... that.
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  7. I -

    Get that coin sis.
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  8. The watch is fucking ugly.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Her isnta feed is 90% product hawking.
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  11. I can tolerate a vast amount of bullshit from my faves, as long as I can feel there’s still an artist underneath it all.

    I’m... really on the fence with her at the moment.
  12. This doesn’t feel like the same woman I fell in love with anymore. That’s sad.
  13. She really said "I'm cashing in my chips" this era, huh?
  14. She could have gotten away with the endless sponsorships on instagram if she was more active on there.

    Her feed is literally ONLY ads. LOL
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  15. She could at least use social media just a TINY bit, even if it was just an assistant, for SOMETHING other than selling me stuff. And MAYBE I wouldn't be as upset. But holy fuck, what kind of delusional world is she living in where she thinks all her fans deserve are ads for things most of them can't even afford? I used to admire this woman for how connected she was with her fans. I know social media is trash and she has a lot of fans who are trash to her but like damn girl...

    For a woman who cried in that video about not wanting to be USED to sell something, learning to say No, not wanting to shill perfumes or whatever- just a few years ago... To this? I'm majorly disappointed in her.
  16. 6 out of her last 8 instaposts are sponsored ads.
  17. I feel like at least with Oreo and Dom Perignon the visuals tie in to her album so it makes... some sort of sense? Popstars and brand endorsments is a tale as old as time. I'm not mad about it. The ongoing four year old Tudor deal is tired though, like I have to know the analytics of how many gays actually went and bought one of those ugly watches to make it worth their money.
  18. Tudor makes no sense to me, and it’s the one sponsor I’ve always hated for her because there’s been no effort to even tie it into something she’s doing creatively (aside from that awful first campaign where they threw her into those massive shoulder pads because that = “weird” and “Gaga”). Four years is a long time to be attached to a brand that has no relevance to what she’s doing.
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  19. Her cosplaying a low-budget version of herself still makes me scream. Limp ponytails, askew shoulder pads - ROUGH.
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