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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Get your life

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  2. Artists can only be on the remix if you know them?
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  3. That’s not what I was saying? I had two separate points

    A) I’m not familiar with most of these artists
    B) I prefer remixes that are just purely remixes and don’t have features.
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  4. all this coordinated teasing leading up to something soon-ish? I don’t think I can deal with a 6 month buildup for a remix album.
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  5. Oh........ these slap slap. Thank you!
  6. I assume/hope it'll be out around June/July, but who knows with them. Time on Chromatica is obviously not like time on Earth dd.

    On that note:

  7. Can't believe it's been an entire year since Rain On Me was released. I have simultaneous feelings of how was it already a year ago, but also how was it only a year ago?

    I went on a drive on release night so I could listen to it for the first time in the car, and it was a really special and emotional experience. I was in the middle of the worst year of my life and it was exactly the message I needed to hear in that moment. I ended up putting it on repeat and just bawling my eyes out, driving around aimlessly. It was such a comfort to me, but I was also just so excited over how much of a Big Pop serve it was and still is. I think coming out when it did, during such a dark and traumatic time for so many people really made it what it is and connected with people more than it probably would've if the pandemic never happened. It was such a bright spot in the middle of so much darkness and uncertainty for me personally.

    There's something so triumphant about watching two women who have overcome such horrific trauma of their own embrace each other and celebrate the healing process and being brave enough to face all the hard and scary shit head on. The song serves as a reminder to me that it's not weak to let yourself cry and be afraid. It's not weak to crawl until you can stand. It takes so much strength to keep going despite how overwhelmed and exhausted you are, and as long as you're willing to keep trying, you've already made so much progress.
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  8. Same. As a lot of people were, I was really struggling last year. Mainly because of the riots in my area and feeling totally hopeless to the point that I nearly reverted to self destructive behaviors that haven't been part of my life for the last 10 years or so, but, as corny as it sounds, I had a very dramatic moment where I was laying out in the middle of a storm and listening to the song, and I let everything out and it felt like things started clicking again. Every day isn't perfect, but I do feel like I'm at least out of the fog and going somewhere.
  9. Ok VERY excited about the prospect of an LSDXOXO remix his recent EP is so good

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  10. BONCH!!!!!!!!
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  11. Also the fact that BloodPop is doing all this today to distract from Born This Way is... sad but expected. Such a child.
  12. ...
  13. Yas at LSDXOXO, Shygirl, and Bree being involved too. This remix album feels like a fever dream and I need some concrete information asap.

    Also Shygirl had Sour Candy in her Spotify Track IDs playlist for the longest time so I love this potential full circle moment.
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  14. Hasn’t it only be the 23rd in America for 12 minutes?
  15. Its still the 22nd in most of the US.
  16. I just meant this weekend in general. Didn’t he also pull this when people were talking about ARTPOP?
  17. I just don’t think someone who’s an artist in their own right and produces for many others is like that aware of or concerned about the anniversaries of their collaborators’ old projects.
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  18. I really don't think it's that deep. Wasn't this whole conspiracy theory involving a DJWS/Bloodpop "feud" started by some stan fabricating some fake DMs or some shit?
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  19. Oh probably.

    I apologize for being so negative lately. More than usual. Being cooped up in this apartment while my province is in lockdown again is really getting to my head. “:(“
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  20. It’s okay sis, we totally understand and there’s no need to apologise
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