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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Ddd said no one. I would trade Dawn of Chromatica for an album full of Honey Dijon mixes any day.
  2. From the few snippets I've heard.... this is either gonna blow everyone away or suck the big one.

  3. I figured Count Baldor had something to do with this remix considering how often Dorian co-produces with him, but Chris Greatti's inclusion is interesting. He's worked with YUNGBLUD and Poppy and...blink-182? fairly recently
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  4. The cover is great and much more of a gag than the original was. Ready for the ketamine-fried non-binary bleep bloop bangers of it all.
  5. That cover screams "graphic design is my passion" and it's hideous. But, design is subjective, so, to each his own.
  6. Isn’t the whole point of that meme making fun of something that is haphazardly thrown together that anyone can do? Not really getting that vibe at all. It’s pretty detailed and very well done.
  7. The Free Woman snippet......

    The complete 180 from the album version....I knew Rina/Clarence wouldn't disappoint omg.
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  8. It's interesting how some producers are credited alongside the featured artists (Clarence Clarity, Musa Masa, A.G., Jimmy Edgar etc.) and some aren't (Count Baldor, Oscar Scheller on the Plastic Doll remix, Brabo on the Fun Tonight remix).
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  9. Well I guess we know which camp you fall into sis! Dd
  10. I love the cover, you heathens.
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  11. I think the cover matches the vibe of the this project to a tee considering it's essentially a (very chaotic) remix of the album cover, and has a lot of cool elements, but I cannot say that I enjoy looking at it.
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  12. It's in the same vein as the Bitch I'm Madonna single cover for me in that objectively, I know it's garish and ugly, but I also cannot help but appreciate the decision to put it out in the first place. Bold choices are sometimes also the most unpleasant ones, nn
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  13. It’s probably just because those producers are bigger standalone names. Excited to hear the remix album though. Looks like it’s going to be good.
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  14. I find it fascinatingly ugly-pretty (don’t sue me Tyra).
  15. The cover looks like
    One of those tumours that grow teeth and hair (teratoma)

    I’m in equal parts disgusted and excited to be finally getting a release date for this.
  16. The Chromatica Era in a nutshell.
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  17. I'm on the floor help
  18. Already losing my mind at this by the way
  19. The cover is fab.
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