Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

I don't like the cover but I just know the design thing (the extreme 3D\Uncanny Valley look) is not my cup of tea dd.

I don't think there's any snippet that was bad so far and it feels like there's a piece for everyone. Some more club\dance oriented (Enigma) and some total reinventions\revamps (Fun Tonight, Replay).
So apparently the Bowie sampling version from the V shoot isn’t the Haus Labs version. I suppose it’s possible they couldn’t clear the sample, unless they’re two different versions?

There’s also an instrumental floating around which sounds pretty legit.
The Babylon instrumental I heard just came from this remake I think.

This one will be interesting. We've heard many demos across all these years and it's pretty much rare the case of a song changing like Babylon. Reminds me of Filthy Pop dd.
It will be interesting to see who’s credited on the production for the Haus Labs version, I wonder if Boys Noize will be there.
The album version was always the best version anyways let’s be honest x
We been knew x