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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. The serve that would be. Exactly why she'd never.
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  2. RJF


    And they’re still annoying.
  3. The way I’ve spent a good portion of my day daydreaming about Gaga scrolling through Twitter, learning about the people she collaborated on this remix album with for the first time after retweeting *checks handle* “Rina Sawayama,” and deciding to tell her, Clarence, and Shy to clear their schedule for some studio time within the next few months.
  4. How is Gaga able to only recruit the most annoying producers in the world? I feel like Bloodpop is 100% going to be as infuriating as RedOne & DJ White Shadow in terms of constantly talking about her and referencing her when she drops him completely.
  5. That would be a slay, although I'm team Jimmy Edgar and Bree Runway!
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  6. Mark Ronson and Space Cowboy being her least annoying producers, and that's because Mark is always working and Space Cowboy is practically a missing person.
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  7. I would die for someone to make a Chromatica series of the Nekci Menij show. I mean the cast of characters on display is begging for it.
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  8. I love how he’s such a stan he must be freaking out just from being tagged on her story on Instagram, like, that’s his idol. Must be insane and makes me so happy.
  9. Honestly this made me laugh nn. The Manic Pixie Dream Sprite made a point or two
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  10. I still think sometimes about how Zedd and Madeon went "lol wtf" when they were asked about songs that Gaga was mentioning for ACT II or so.

    I'd like if she worked with Burns (and Madeon?) again for the next one, but at same time I kinda wanted something from scratch. BloodPop did open many portals from Hell doors.

    Jeff Bhasker was part of Joanne and that would be a nice comeback too. Bhasker and Parker. And Ariel Rechtshaid.
  11. After this drops I don’t want to ever see or hear from that BloodPop man child ever again.

    Gaga work with actual adults challenge. Do that challenge.
  12. Gaga didn't leave me with the feeling this era that she'd ever make a pop album again... Despite her whole storyline with this album being "I wasn't sure I wanted to be Gaga again and this album forced me to work through that and heal through the music", so to even think of who she'd work with next seems so distant.
  13. Oh my GOD
  14. Plastic Doll is so essential.
  15. I love Plastic Doll.
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  16. Bimini serving Perfect Illusion's cover goes to Chromatica.

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  17. Okay like, obviously she will. But, I just feel like she has more fun with every other project except the pop music ones.
  18. Can't imagine why, what with her notoriously patient, understanding and low-maintenance fanbase!

    In all seriousness, she probably does get something more out of projects like her jazz albums/show and acting that she doesn't get from pop music, and that's fine - the balance really seems to be more manageable and healthy for her than the alternative (see: ARTPOP).
  19. She also receives unanimous praise for every project she does that isn’t pop music. And we all know the woman likes accolades.

    Not from her fans of course, but I wouldn’t lower myself to their expectations either.
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  20. It’s not like Chromatica didn’t receive the most poptimistic reviews of her career, though. Critics were very much here for the album, weirdly.
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