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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Physicals are coming according to this account, with the possibility of variants for other retailers (if we believe this is legit.)
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  2. Yes, Lady Gaga Now confirmed there are physicals coming earlier.
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  3. My mind always blocks that out. Although it doesn’t surprise me when someone reminds me.
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  4. If "physicals" means CD only then it basically doesn't count in my mind nn

    By the way, that Boris account also mentioned this:

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  5. It's going to be a music box that contains extra visual content, handwritten notes, a Chromatica jock strap, and a download card.
  6. R92


    I know that this isn’t really the thread for this kind of emotion or discussions of wholesomeness or anything, but there’s something really cute and wholesome seeing the excited posts of a lot the collaborators on this album and how excited they are to be a part of the project and get support from someone they’ve looked up to.
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  7. I'm really excited for Bree and Rina, considering they've both explicitly acknowledged her influence before. Bree especially could barely stop herself from spilling about the Babylon remix like two months ago
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  8. Every other genre of music is superior to pop is such a tiring notion.
    is “RSG” a typo for what was supposedly “RSD”?
  9. ...did anyone say that tho.

    My point in saying she "gets something more" from other ventures like A Star Is Born or the jazz albums is that it feeds the side of her that loves accolades and The Applause more readily and seemingly easily (i.e. without qualifiers or caveats) than her album campaigns, generally speaking. Chromatica is a rare exception, but as much as I enjoy the album myself I can definitely chalk at least some of the more hyperbolic professional praise for it up to a combination of coming off the success of Million Reasons/A Star Is Born and benefiting from what is hopefully the peak of capital-P Poptimism in music journalism.
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  10. The way these tweets are trying to be cryptic without being cryptic at all dd, just SAY it.
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  11. No I was directing at the way praises from the media seem to have allowed for many outside of the fanbase to think that way.
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  12. Isn't Gaga often pick her next collaborators in DJs working on some of her remixes ? I may be wrong but DJWS, Zedd, Garibay, Moroder (well we know she contacted him for LG5) first remixed some of her things.
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  13. Gaga stealing rescuing A. G. Cook from Charli's basement

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  14. I think Gaga / A.G Cook could be a good and logical fit on next album
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  15. I really hope Gaga drops Bloodpop next era. Not just cause he is annoying but I can‘t see him challenging her.
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  16. I absolutely love Chromatica but same here I hope she'll call new people on her next project. Always great to have new and fresh creative influences
  17. She normally calls on new people for future projects anyway. Bloodpop and Burns might be used for a few tracks but otherwise she'll work with someone completely new (like with Mark for Joanne, Paul for ARTPOP, Fernando with Born This Way)
  18. Record Store Gay
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  19. OK but we know this says very little about Gaga or Chromatica and a lot about how the state of music journalism / PR has evolved in the last 3-4 years right..
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