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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Arca trying to get all those bussies bred with her remix I see!
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  2. I hope they don't go over the top with picture discs, gatefold vinyl, CD in a jewel case and a digipack, 3 different colored cassettes with different covers etc. cause my poor wallet
  3. Yes mother

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  4. WIG.
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  5. Shygirl stays making tit-shaking music. Glad they kept the bassline cause I was worried that would be reworked and I feel like it's so integral to the song's identity.
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  6. Yeah this album is going to tear my head off
  7. It very much seems like all the collaborators really found common ground in the mantra

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  8. go back one page
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  9. Oops that's what I get for waking up and immediately posting.
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  10. Do we know if this will be released in NZ first?
  11. It will be released at midnight local time, so yes.
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  12. He's fine.
  13. I want Pabllo to post a snippet of Fun Tonight so I can enjoy it without all the crowd noises.
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  14. All of this is sounding light years ahead of the actual album. Hopefully this inspires the direction of her next project…
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  15. The way Bloodp*p's greatest musical contribution to Chromatica will end up being the fact that he handed the album over to more interesting and exciting artists for a complete re-do. Thank you, Bloodp*p!

  16. Can’t wait to listen to Chromatica for the last time tomorrow before I replace it with Dawn. All of the snippets I’ve heard have been great
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