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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Her vocals don’t really suit the Haus Labs version of Babylon.
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  2. Petition for Rina and Bree to open for the Chromatica Ball and perform these live with Gaga

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  3. Is it a mixed album like Club Future Nostalgia and Confessions ?
  4. Yeah the Crayon version of Babylon doesn’t come close to the album version.
  5. The Free Woman mix is... top 10 Gaga ever right? I mean. There's nothing else to say.

    Literally the least expected place that track could go and I lived for every second.
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  6. Rina and Clarence taking both the demo and album versions of “Free Woman” and stomping on them
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  7. The Alice remix reminds me of Maneater a bit
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  8. Do we know which remix (if any) will be getting the playlist push? I know that Boris Twitter said 911 which to a certain degree makes sense, but I feel like either Free Woman or Babylon Bree make way more sense if angling for anything to catch on in a wider sense.
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  9. Sine’s production changing every 15 seconds, I can’t. It’s crazy and I’m living for every bit of it.

    oh my god it took the drum n bass ending and amplified it up to 11
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  10. The Plastic Doll remix. No words.

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  11. When I thought the Honey Dijon remix of Free Woman was the definitive version of this song...
    Let me put some Haus Laboratories makeup.

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  12. I'd rather MÉTELO be dry but at least SÁCALO I'm alive

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  13. Sam


    The 2 new Babylon mixes are going to kill me off
  14. Rina... The song is not even over and I'm already crying at the way she came in the verse.
  15. Sam


    I've only got the snippets but holy fuck the 911 remix
  16. Even though the Enigma mix is probably the most generic club based mix of them all, it's still giving. The songs themselves as well as the elements of the stems that have been ripped out and repurposed are shining all over this project.
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  17. I'm halfway through and boy oh boy this cigs poor wig.

  18. Sooo is it too early for the "this is her best album" posts

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  19. 1000 Doves mix playing into the stadium next summer as an interlude with visuals like Gaga flying in space in the 2016 Intel commercial plays on the screens... I'm gonna collapse.


    It's almost giving the Put Your Paws Up interlude from Monster Ball 2.0.
  20. The Sour Candy remix...
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