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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I think the full mix is actually pretty good, but it’s so funny how they’ve only shared clips of the part where the track is complete chaos
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  2. The only thing that would make this week better would be if Miss Pop of Haus Blud let we the people have a go at the stems. Hearing the dry Sine vox in the clip Mood Killer posted has me tweaking again
  3. Not the fan made 2011 'Dubstep Remix' edit.
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  4. ...this will be a great reminder for me that most people don't, in fact, like pots-and-pans alternative electronic music nn I didn't even blink twice at that snippet, it sounds cool.
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  5. I like that Sine snippet, it sounds like a moment.
  6. Acting like she dropped the “911” video last week

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  7. In other news, this has decimated me

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  8. It's giving
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  9. All those Blessed Madonna memes are so tired and way-off base. That DJ mix was actually well thought-out, crafted to perfection sample usage, and was actually innovative. Twitter gays just couldn't wrap their brain around the ACTUAL nostalgia. This is just noise.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. More specifically the Sine remix. Other snippets sound great. I should've phrased that better.
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  12. Sounds like I will be listening to the sine remix exactly once and quickly deleting.
  13. The way this remix album is actually shaping up to be what I wanted from the original album.
  14. Truth be told I'm not entirely sure how much I'll be using the Sine remix, and I'm a fan of most of the people involved. But like...I also can't not appreciate it for sheer ballsiness? The clips we've heard so far are honestly, truly reminding me a lot of late-aughts Skrillex right before he exploded in popularity and a little bit of the Goldfrapp remix of Judas pretentious gheighs don't @ me.

    If some of you think this is noisy or too much you should just be thanking your lucky stars that GFOTY or Lil Mariko aren't involved nn
  15. Sine already sounded like a messy remix so I expected nothing less than what's going on in that snippet.
  16. Wait that rock-step in Sine. I live a bit. Maybe I won’t hate it y’all.
  17. A bop though!
  18. It just seems so steeped in irony that it's just not clicking for me especially with an embarrassingly earnest song like Sine. Even GFOTY would have been able to draw out some emotional aspect of the song rather than just making it as aggressive as possible dd.

    (In fairness think I'm going to really fuck with the Lil Texas section.)
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  19. DAMN I thought today was Thursday for a second and was like, ohp!!! Here she goes!
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