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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. YES the 1000 Doves Remix! Giving me my full The Knife moment. The pitch shifting is just... *chefs kiss*
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  2. That's what I was lowkey getting too and I never thought I would get the same vibe in connection with Googs name on it. This is everything.
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  3. RMK


    Bree's appearance on Babylon slots perfectly. Probably the best next to Rina's appearance.
  4. It’s 3 hrs till midnight here but my heart is filled with joy to see the Haus Lab Babylon not being it from the looks of things hehe
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  5. DON'T

  6. I first found out about planningtorock from their epic The Knife remixes! She's definitely channeling them.

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  7. How's the Arca mix? Can't listen now but that's the one I am most excited about.
  8. Pabllo has released a full album dedicated to this genre of music a few months ago and it's being praised so much by the brazilian gays. I have my full life listening to it.
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  9. Me too! Love them ever since (+ their take on My Valuable Hunting Knife was easily my favorite from the very beginning).
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  10. It might be my least favorite song on the album. The reception I've seen from other people is somewhat similar to mine, so...
  11. The. Free. Woman. Remix.
    It deserves to be a single. It deserves a music video. It deserves live performances.
    Of course, it will get none of those things. But it deserves all of them. Wow. It's so good.
  12. Just got to it and...

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  13. The Sour Candy remix might be my favorite of the bunch? It just sounds... elevated.
  14. Free Woman sounds really nice, she and Rina pair very well vocally. They can easily service it to pop playlists.

    That, 1000 Doves, Sour Candy and 911 are really well done - but I'm not feeling the rest of this whatsoever. To be fair, I'm not a hyperpop enthusiast in general, so I perceive the genre differently... but a handful of them borderline parody to me. I'm happy it's been released and hope a lot of the fans are happy with the result - there's definitely some great influences and soundscapes in this project that she can tap into later.
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  15. Just dance, baby it’ll be okay
    Don’t act tough with your poker face

    Not afraid to reference or not reference
  16. Hook the last 30 seconds of the Sine from Above remix into my veins. I’m in my rave era.
  17. I really love the Arca remix. But I love “Time”, which is the track it samples. It’s very pretty.
  18. This one and Jimmy Edgar's version of "Babylon" are the most effective to me. I think I'm digging the ones that strip things down a little bit most.
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  19. tasten't!
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  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I haven’t listened yet feel like the Arca mix would be polarizing on here because… it’s Arca.
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