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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. What a time for Hola to not work for me. (And to be at work so I can't use TunnelBear.)
  2. It just exists. In the context of the remixes it feels like the dullest one. It definitely could've been a lot more out there.
  3. RMK


    I definitely think including the Haus Labs mix was passive aggressive. Bloodpop could've made it sound like less of a demo if he wanted to.
  4. Honestly I support him in this case
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  5. I like mostly everything here but 1000 Doves took me OUT. It has a 2005-2008 Swedish synthpop vibe that I can't resist.
  6. I don't know what Arca remix some of you are hearing but I love it?? The Time sample works incredibly well.

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  8. The Arca remix is beautiful but certainly not a curveball. It just sounds like if Arca had produced the original song.
  9. Wait-- I love the Replay remix too.
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  10. When the slowed down guitar sample from “Mequetrefe” comes in

  11. RMK


    I honestly.. Don't. Fans campaigning for a version is an annoying result of leaks and stan culture, but why not raise the bar for the material you're at the helm of. The beat on the original is sick. There's so much potential there for an even better remix.
  12. Very cool of them!
  13. aux


    I'm cracking the fuck up at everyone on my timeline dragging "Babylon (Haus Labs Version)" after begging for it for so long.

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  14. Honestly, never saw the big deal about the original Babylon or whatever its supposed to be called. I think it's a typical case of people going crazy over something just because it's not readily available to them. The album version is vastly superior and I kind of hope this remix album was just... remixes and not this random scrap or a song.
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  15. Just finished listening. Wow. So many good remixes on here. I was kind of luke warm to the idea of this project because it is so detached from Gaga herself, and it seems like so long since the album came out it's just random to throw it out there now but, y'know, better late than never is kind of Chromatica's motto. I'd have loved to see her give a new verse in something, or remix a song on it herself. Just to like... Be a part of it a bit more. Don't fight me on "you're expecting too much, it's JUST a remix album" either- I don't care. But that aside, There's some impressive work here.

    Some of these mixes really breathe new life into the songs and it's much appreciated. I hope moving forward she embraces some of these versions. I think in particular Rina's Free Woman and Bree's Babylon contribution are lovely additions to those songs. Even Dorian and Ashnikko were nice additions.

    Also thankful the beggers got their Haus Labs version, and now we all know it's Meh so we don't have to listen to those fans beg for it forever. We got it. It wasn't worth the begging. And now we can move on with a clear conscious knowing the Bowie sounding mix would've been much better to have. But the album version is pretty superior so maybe demo-itis, if you'd like to call it that, is not always as good as we think it is.
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  16. I can imagine it now. Bloodpop arrives at Gaga's Malibu mansion with the masters in tow to show her the remix album. He asks if he can use the Haus Labs version of Babylon as well, to which she replies, "the what? No such things exists." He runs backs to his basement studio, frantically downloads the Hit Kit sample pack containing the original loop, and plops Goog's dry vocal on top. "Well done, Bloodpop," he thinks. "This is exactly what the stans wanted."
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  17. This not being that far off base tickles a bit
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  18. To me Babylon was cringe because of the lyrics and no remix was going to fix that.
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  19. Sam


    how big is the file size on debris dot org ?
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