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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I'm framing this.
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  2. Wait, I’m actually living for the Babylon Haus Labs remix.

  3. Charli is still funny to me because nobody seems to remember (nor can I find the evidence anymore) she talked quite a bit of shit about Gaga when she debuted.
  4. Diving in and so unbelievably excited after reading all these posts. So grateful to finally get such dynamic refractions of these songs through the lens of so many who came up looking towards Gaga and her work.
  5. OMG I was not expecting a vinyl this fast. Interscope better go all out for this project.

    It's kind of wishful thinking, but I really hope Free Woman or Babylon (Bree Remix) get some type of push. Especially the former.
  6. Yeah. It’s not bad, but I can understand why fans were inevitably underwhelmed by it after two years of hyping themselves.
  7. The cd looks like that!? I- never opened it..
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  8. Me at 9PM PT when the vinyl drops

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  9. It's almost as if people can change their minds over the course of almost a decade
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  10. I’m going on the train!

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  11. THAT



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  12. Also, I’m not familiar with their own material at all (sorry…) but the sticky delivery of Dorian Electra’s verse on Replay is easily one of highlights of the project for me.
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  13. No, the CD has two designs

  14. Screaming!!!! This is literally my life described. Best thing I’ve read here in months.
  15. Getting through first listen now. Alice was a good opener, Stupid Love & Rain On Me were slight duds, Free Woman was a highlight, and this 911 remix is amaze too
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  16. Charli talks shit about her own projects. It’s not that serious sis.
  17. Nor is my post. I think it’s funny
  18. They should have just asked for the demo and called it a day.

    I'm perched to hear these in full in my car, but I already know the Haus labs is not it.
  19. Packaging design might be cool for the vinyl but this is not worth the purchase. Looking like a clear/white vinyl with some special tracklisting editions to the cover.
  20. Ddd I just think it’s funny. I don’t hold her accountable to it. Maybe I phrased it wrong.

    It’s just funny to me because her fans like to hold Madonna hostage for sarcasm. Referring more to the young Twitter stans.
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