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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I’m still taking the album in but I’m surprised at the reactions to the Fun Tonight remix. It’s a bop and a half and really suits itself to Pablo’s feature. I love the production on it.
  2. I'm not usually here for remix albums, but this is great! I feel like they've all received the same brief and created a consistent vibe across the whole project. I think that's why people aren't enjoying "Fun Tonight" much - it's the one track that sounds out of place, as good as it is. Also, never thought I'd see a day where Elton John is on a track that gets twisted up and churned out like that.
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  3. Is the vinyl going to be available at places other than her store?
  4. RMK


    Not that we have confirmation of, but I'd assume Amazon since she partners with them.
  5. Started listening to this but switched to KiCk i in the middle of the Arca remix.
  6. The levels of brazilian culture I'm-
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  7. I mean the Bree Runway/Jimmy Edgar Babylon mix screams single push.
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  8. This is so demented nn

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  9. Everything about that IG post is chaotic.
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  10. She knew what she doing with that snippet nn
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  11. This post is giving me "Oops, we gave you the wrong Babylon mix than the one you wanted? Oh Well!"
  12. Giving Free Woman ft Rina my first spin on Spotify

  13. Rina…


    That remix is insane.
  14. Free Woman is the only thing on there with any replay value…and maybe the Bree Babylon
  15. The Ashnikko remix is the first time I’ve found her bearable so I applaud her for that
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  16. The way this is better than the original album.

  17. 911 is it. That breakdown about halfway through. In Charlotte we trust.

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  18. Who gave Bloodpop Gaga’s twitter password
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  19. Gaga giving @Gemini the tweets they asked for
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