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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Fun Tonight Remix is a SCREAM
  2. Gary in the Chromatica jockstrap ddddd
  3. A lot to unpack there
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  4. Shygirl really never misses. This album is one for the girls™ so far.
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  5. BloodPop's influence is showing.

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  6. Give me something to believe in
    Give me something to believe in
    Give me something to believe in

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  7. When the breakdown hits in Enigma.

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  8. That Free Woman Remix.
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  9. Why does most of the album sound like it was made on
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  10. Lately I'm feelin' so blue
    I know you're feelin' it too
    If it's all getting way harder
    Turn it up, party to Gaga
    Lately I just wanna lose (Lose)
    Switch it up, get it, renew (Oh)
    When it's all getting way darker
    Sometimes I just wanna go in the car

    This part though
  11. I don't hate the Sine From Above remix, but I can't get through it without laughing.
  12. RMK


    Early version of Babylon leaked, and stans were right for wanting that one. Feels like more a fleshed out vision, the sample fits really well.

    Obviously album version remains superior, but this earlier take is definitely a fun addition to her collection.
  13. That the album version is the superior version? We been knew.
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  14. Not to be a downer but the Free Woman remix sounds like it's just the original instrumental with some Fernando Garibay-ish dirty sounding FXs over it?
  15. It’s Bree Bree Bree YEAH.
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  16. It has the same structure, but it’s entirely reproduced. Even the synths are different.
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  17. It did...?
  18. Ok that was a really fun listen. It wasn’t all for me (Sine from Above remains absolute garbage in any iteration), but there was a lot to enjoy.

    Charli, Rina, Bree and Shygirl are the Mount Rushmore of Chromatica for me.
  19. I’m not seeing it anywhere, nor anyone else talking about it
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  20. I saw someone on ATRL say the British girls colonised the album dddd
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