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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. RMK


    Okay, it was actually fanmade, but it slaps
  2. It feels like the remix album is the closest thing we’ll get to a Born This Way successor? The way it marries different genres with some of the most aggressive forward thinking production to the point where even the cheesiest songs are melting your eardrums off. Or the fact that both of them have amazingly garish cover art. I am honestly liking this way more on first listen than the original album.

    I just wish they actually did something with the interludes even if they couldn’t get Grimes on it because she was too busy destroying Bloodpop’s wall or whatever. But that’s my only real complaint.
  3. The way that real ones been known since the original albourm dropped that the Horse Lobotomies version would never measure up, talent always wins!

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  4. The “earlier” version sounds like it’s fan made.
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  5. Charli's 911 remix has been added to Apple Music’s New Music Daily playlist.
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  6. My train is late but I'm so thrilled to listen.

    The Sine remix sounds like absolute chaos from the snippets. It has an...ARTPOPist tone.
  7. OUT OUT terrorizing the globe with its shameless boppery, the Good Ones video serving, and now this? Lil Bleep Bloops stay winning

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  8. The way this album only demonstrated her ability to mutilate a pop goes punk beat. The metal/rock leaning album needs to hurry on up.

    I hope Gorgonzola is feeling inspired to snatch some of these producers for LG7. All it took was some more daring production choices to really bring her to life on some of these tracks.
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  9. The DOSS remix! Suddenly the piss grate is me!
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  10. Yeah, I'm gonna need DOSS to carry over to original material on the next album please. Imagine a good Gaga topline on something like Softpretty, Strawberry, or The Way I Feel...
  11. Oh my god the Alice remix. Take me to Candyland.
  12. The Sine From Above remix is bonkers but I love that. It was scary listening to it while driving though.
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  13. I agree. Imagine having a song like Rain On Me and doing that to it?

    It’s unlistenable garbage.
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  14. Fun Tonight
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  15. Your energy in this thread lately

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  16. Ok Bree Runway and Jimmy Edgar snapped. I'm living.
  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Listening right now.

    Alice is a nice start and pretty groovy. I love the mid 00s R&B/pop sound of it. The Stupid Love remix sounds like something I'd want to slap the DJ for fucking with at the club. @BEST FICTION is right about Rain on Me... it's just there and could've been more exciting and out there. The Free Woman remix is so much fun! Rina's vocals are incredible, I just wish her vocals were more at the forefront too. The Fun Tonight remix is now the definitive version, I think the remix really fits the emotional core of the song. Charli and AG snapped on the 911 remix. I just wanna writhe to it at 1AM on the club dancefloor. The Ashnikko remix of Plastic Doll starts off strong but then kinda trails off at the end, but she stays in her lane and isn't as obnoxious as she could be. The Sour Candy remix is also the definitive. Shygirl never fails. The Enigma remix is brilliant. It's a classic club track. Dorian snapped on the Replay mix. I normally find them very hit or mess but they fit the song perfectly with that techno-rock vibe. The Sine from Above takes the hyperpop bit to the max but I had a kii with the cling-clanging over Elton's frog vocals. It's a bit dark sided and troll-ish but I can get down to it. Miss Bloodpop should've got Itzy to screech over the track too ddd. The 1000 Doves remix is a nice palate cleanser after the chaos of Sine from Above. Bree fits in so seamlessly/effortlessly on Babylon. Another definitive version for me. It's just so immense and Bree is epic in every sense of the word.
  18. The Free Woman remix sounds like what the live version should.
  19. Now let's see if the Fun Tonight Remix manages to get over 70 million views/streams like the legendary Always Remember Us This Way (Reggae Version)

    The way this song didn't have to be a single to be a hit.
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