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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Why does most of the album sound like it was made on
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  2. Lately I'm feelin' so blue
    I know you're feelin' it too
    If it's all getting way harder
    Turn it up, party to Gaga
    Lately I just wanna lose (Lose)
    Switch it up, get it, renew (Oh)
    When it's all getting way darker
    Sometimes I just wanna go in the car

    This part though
  3. I don't hate the Sine From Above remix, but I can't get through it without laughing.
  4. RMK


    Early version of Babylon leaked, and stans were right for wanting that one. Feels like more a fleshed out vision, the sample fits really well.

    Obviously album version remains superior, but this earlier take is definitely a fun addition to her collection.
  5. That the album version is the superior version? We been knew.
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  6. Not to be a downer but the Free Woman remix sounds like it's just the original instrumental with some Fernando Garibay-ish dirty sounding FXs over it?
  7. It’s Bree Bree Bree YEAH.
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  8. It has the same structure, but it’s entirely reproduced. Even the synths are different.
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  9. It did...?
  10. Ok that was a really fun listen. It wasn’t all for me (Sine from Above remains absolute garbage in any iteration), but there was a lot to enjoy.

    Charli, Rina, Bree and Shygirl are the Mount Rushmore of Chromatica for me.
  11. I’m not seeing it anywhere, nor anyone else talking about it
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  12. I saw someone on ATRL say the British girls colonised the album dddd
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  13. RMK


    Okay, it was actually fanmade, but it slaps
  14. It feels like the remix album is the closest thing we’ll get to a Born This Way successor? The way it marries different genres with some of the most aggressive forward thinking production to the point where even the cheesiest songs are melting your eardrums off. Or the fact that both of them have amazingly garish cover art. I am honestly liking this way more on first listen than the original album.

    I just wish they actually did something with the interludes even if they couldn’t get Grimes on it because she was too busy destroying Bloodpop’s wall or whatever. But that’s my only real complaint.
  15. The way that real ones been known since the original albourm dropped that the Horse Lobotomies version would never measure up, talent always wins!

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  16. The “earlier” version sounds like it’s fan made.
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  17. Charli's 911 remix has been added to Apple Music’s New Music Daily playlist.
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  18. My train is late but I'm so thrilled to listen.

    The Sine remix sounds like absolute chaos from the snippets. It has an...ARTPOPist tone.
  19. OUT OUT terrorizing the globe with its shameless boppery, the Good Ones video serving, and now this? Lil Bleep Bloops stay winning

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