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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. rdp


    Well actually I was just reminded that 'Sour Candy' is apparently a real song (?) that exists [citation needed] so I already lost my momentary gila monster euphoria. Sorry Gaggers!


    WaiT this Replay remix SLAPS though

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  2. Really wish Sam had been involved from the very beginning. He would’ve taken what was already great imagery to the next level.
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  3. Free Woman is the one. The intro almost reminded me of a live mix of Bad Romance? This gave the song the bit of edge it really needed.

    Fun Tonight...muffy sis the pitchiness. Pablo's pitchy vocals, the ever so slightly flat horns...
  4. Not Dorian Electra having me book a flight to Chromatica

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  5. Everything about this is a home run. Ma has her heal on my wallet’s neck.

    Also scream at the checkout for Dawn of Chromatica Merch being the Tony Bennet & Lady Gaga store ddddd.

  6. Plastic Doll caught me by surprise, I'm kind of obsessed with this??
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  7. my agenda.mp3 have worked

  8. Stunning! I need a high quality version of it.
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  9. rdp


    Pressing play on Babylon (Haus Labs version)

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  10. Vinyl ships March 25, 2022.
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  11. I had heard the Dorian demo for Replay and it was just them singing horribly in a robotic voice and it has me WORRIED. They really came through.
  12. unfortunately, no:( I was hoping it would. I snatched both the Vinyl and the CD.
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The worst songs on the album: Fun Tomight and Plastic Doll finally being genuinely good. Yas.
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  14. The DOSS remix of Enigma is so, so, so massive. I never thought the album version was actively bad, just tacky sounding; the remix being a gigantic warehouse stomper that keeps up with her hurricane of a voice is much better.
  15. Oh now we’re cooking with gas.
  16. The bright-ass green looking even brighter on her YouTube seared the top layer of my corneas off and honestly, I thank her for that
  17. I want her to perform these versions at The Chromatica Ball, if it still happening. The whole thing sounds much more realised and ambitious than the original album. Replay sent my wig orbiting into deep space.
  18. See now I’m excited about future Gaga music again.

    With the right production the music is as exhilarating as ever.
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  19. I don't find any of these superior to the original versions but I still very much enjoyed it.
  20. So is the cd a store exclusive?
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