Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Sine From Above is giving me



The Sine From Above remix is the sound of the clown coming back to bite. I'm annoyed by how well it skates on the edge of shitpost earache and absurdist virtuosity. Like why does it have me doubled over guffawing one minute, and paralyzed, leaking from every orifice, the next? The existential whiplash.
Almost everything here is good to great but honestly 1000 Doves (Planningtorock remix) is a league apart. Like, it's so special. Shimmery and elegant and a bit of a late-00s time capsule in the best way. The way it vaulted up my ranking from Chrometica to Dawn. A reverse-Warholian experience!

Sour Candy without the sample is even worse. Bree Runway's Babylon also feels a bit inessential. I actually enjoy the Haus Labs version! For better or worse it's what the gays demanded ddd. But clearly the album version remains unbothered.

Ashnikko brought it on Plastic Doll. Pabllo's mariachi makeover of Fun Tonight is wild. Free Woman just feels like a slightly sleeker, more pop off-y radio edit, which is all it needed.

Need to spend more time with this without being interrupted by work idiots scheduling video calls (so rude, don't they know?) but BloodPop did an amazing job as curator here. He's found his calling!