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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. The outro/buildup of the vocals in the "Rain On Me" remix feels like it's about to EXPLODE into something gorgeous, and then.... doesn't.
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  2. I'm just going to take tracks 1, 2, 8 and 14 and run.
  3. Not me setting the Arca remix to start at 1:16 ddd.
  4. I threw the 1000 Doves remix into my editing software and bumped the key up to the original's (2 semitones). I love it that much more. Even in the adjusted key, it hits hard.

    Same with the "Alice" remix. The vocals in the original key just hits better. But I understand why they did what they did.
  5. Amazing: Alice, Free Woman, Plastic Doll, Replay, Breebylon
    Good: Sour Candy, Enima, Sine
    Meh: 911, Stupid Love, Rain On Me (barely makes it this high in my rating)
    This is trash mawma: Fun Tonight, 1000 Doves

    Not even going to acknowledge that Haus thing.
  6. The Plastic Doll remix could do without (Ashnikko?) voicing over Gaga on the entire chorus, would make it so much better.
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  7. Holy shit, Dorian Electra completely took Replay to a whole new sonic direction. I love it.
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  8. I'm really going to need some fanmade cover art for this.
  9. I'm just so glad this remix album exists. It felt like this mythical thing that, like much of what Gaga promises, was never going to materialise. Yet here it is in it's spectacularly messy, chaotic and maximalist glory.

    There is a cohesiveness across it that I find astounding given the huge lineup of people involved in it's creation and almost all of them nail the assignment. Rina and Clarence deliver the Free Woman we all knew should've existed in the first place. Bree and Jimmy Edgar bring it on Babylon and even Ashnikko and Dorian (whose material has never really clicked with me) take Plastic Doll and Replay and dial them up to 11.

    I know this album won't be for everyone but after such a lukewarm era that only had glimpses of the brilliance that Gaga is capable of it's so nice to just be thoroughly enraptured with this.

    Now we just need her to work with these people on original music for LG7 and ditch Bloodpop and co.
  10. Dorian sounds like they're saying you had the prawn instead of gun.
    The remix slaps though.
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  11. The listening party we deserved. I wonder if Gags would pop in too
  12. Oh this is golden meme material.

    don't show bloodpop
  13. I really like the Free Woman remix overall, but I kinda want to hear Rina's parts and adlibs with the original production.
  14. rdp


    I'm only four tracks in but w/e this is so much better than the original album already

    I'm free
    I'm free
    I'm free!!!

  15. Ok come thru merch.
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  16. The 1000 Doves remix by Planningtorock is the one. My god, along with the Doss remix I havent been able to turn it off.

    I couldn't ask for more, this remix album is absolutely sublime.
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  17. This is beautiful. This has to be from her team/Sam, right?
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