Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Yeah, it is a no-brainer that ideally this is the album (and collaborators) she should pick up from when she starts work for her next one, if she continues that tradition.
The Pabllo Vittar remix of "Fun Tonight" is a crochet cover for a propane tank, children reading Machado De Assis in elementary school, Nazaré Tedesco finding her reflection in the mirror gostosa pra caramba, the bathing mouse from Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum, Alcione's nail art, Clarice Lispector swearing she's only sad because she's tired on TV Cultura in 1978, chocolate frosting on a carrot cake, Maria Bethânia erupting in a delighted que coisa liiiiinda after having read a poem, a full set of amber-colored Duralex plates and glasses, Daniela Albuquerque calling Hebe Camargo de sebosa, Vera Magalhães announcing a quick break before the last portion of the interview, "No Meio Do Caminho" by Carlos Drummond De Andrade, the jabuticaba tree, wishing someone the best by saying bonasera Catuxa io aguro tantalaguri tanta felichità e quë siano repiterepitepemuitomuito tempu, expressing one's disagreement with the following formula: que burro cara que loucura como você é burro que coisa absurda isso aí que você disse é tudo burrice burrice eu não não não... consigo gravar muito bem o que você falou porque você fala de uma maneira burra. The Pabllo Vittar remix of "Fun Tonight" is not a secretly bolsominion uncle stating he's not either left-wing or right-wing.

"Fun Tonight" should be the single from this.
You confuse my intent, I adore that it’s hilarious.
I figured as much but then I was like “oh shit, this mix!” after your response. To be fair, I’d like it a lot more if I didn’t think the original was one of the highlights of the original album and was hoping for a vastly different kind of remix than what was delivered.
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They knocked it out of the park. The whole thing is ton of fun & it alleviates a lot of my issues with the original album. Featuring everyone that I find exciting in pop music right now definitely helps.

Sine From Above is batshit but the original is absurd anyway so I love that it’s turned up to 11. Pabllo took Fun Tonight into a direction that you’d think wouldn’t work, but the final product is lowkey one of my favorites. Replay’s swerve through house & metal completely elevates the song. Lemme also praise Free Woman again because Rina went in.

There is a single point BloodPop has made. I’ll give him that.
I love how, unlike remix albums often do, this never feels boring, repetitive or self-indulgent. Each of the artists brought their own flavour to the songs, but still generally kept the bones of the original versions, and thankfully the result is a creative, diverse and concise collection of reimagined pop songs, rather than a bunch of club mixes. It's a really great album.
I’m so glad the album has been given the bold and brash production that Gaga’s vocal takes were already giving.
This is another thing. Her vocals were on top-form for this album and some of these mixes showcase things I didn’t notice before. I never liked Replay that much because I found the chorus melody kinda irritating but the way the remix is structured had me losing it @ how she was singing for her life. The rent was due!