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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. The Sine From Above remix is the sound of the clown coming back to bite. I'm annoyed by how well it skates on the edge of shitpost earache and absurdist virtuosity. Like why does it have me doubled over guffawing one minute, and paralyzed, leaking from every orifice, the next? The existential whiplash.
  2. I think this is what makes it
  3. This is gorgeous, I love the colour palette they've used.

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  4. Now that I’m really focused on it, Remixed Sine is quite a trip.
  5. SMG


    That final Charli verse in 911 - I am ascending.
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  6. Excuse me Miss Gaggers, why is the vinyl only available in your US store?
  7. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about the Bugs Bunny cartoon bang boing production over Elton’s vocals on this Sine From Above remix.
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  8. K94


    I've started - the Stupid Love remix

  9. Almost everything here is good to great but honestly 1000 Doves (Planningtorock remix) is a league apart. Like, it's so special. Shimmery and elegant and a bit of a late-00s time capsule in the best way. The way it vaulted up my ranking from Chrometica to Dawn. A reverse-Warholian experience!

    Sour Candy without the sample is even worse. Bree Runway's Babylon also feels a bit inessential. I actually enjoy the Haus Labs version! For better or worse it's what the gays demanded ddd. But clearly the album version remains unbothered.

    Ashnikko brought it on Plastic Doll. Pabllo's mariachi makeover of Fun Tonight is wild. Free Woman just feels like a slightly sleeker, more pop off-y radio edit, which is all it needed.

    Need to spend more time with this without being interrupted by work idiots scheduling video calls (so rude, don't they know?) but BloodPop did an amazing job as curator here. He's found his calling!
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  10. RJF


    Is Rina the monster on the front cover? Because she ATE.
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  11. Free Woman sounds like a Pat Benatar bop on poppers. I’m stanning.
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  12. The remix album is so good! Everyone involved served.
    I cannot even pick favorites so far but since the mix has been barely mentioned: I actually enjoy the way Ashnikkos does these "answers" on Plastic Dolls chorus - truly elevates a song I barely could listen to before
  13. K94


    Free Woman may be Rina's best vocal yet (and the bar is high!) - the "I'm free" adlib is perfect.
  14. Sorry for not being a stan, but who is Sam? I need this picture in HD soooo badly
  15. Them and their team created the “Sour Candy” lyric video and all the artwork for the remix album

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  16. Free Woman has been put in the oven and cooked honey.
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  17. This is an amazing remix album - it brings depth and freshness to the original in a lot of unexpected ways while respecting and referencing the original intentions.

    Take the absolutely insane Sine remix: the original was an Axwell production, so the remix takes (literally) all the cues of 2010's bro-EDM and pushes it to the limit. It's brilliant and borderline unlistenable (like most of bro-EDM).

    Even the Fun Tonight remix makes sense: the original was one of the most "tacky" soundscapes of the album so it was remade with a 'tecno-brega' angle (brega means tacky/kitsch in Portuguese). It's very different from the original, but it cues exactly the same ideas (and it made me very emotional to hear something so "oppressed peripheric brazilian-gay" being valorized and recognized).
  18. Shygirl’s spaced out and slightly more luxe lounge vibe on Sour Candy is unexpectedly cool.

    Enigma is a buss shaker (and always was).
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  19. This really sets the standard for remix albums, I hope Gaga doesn't see this as a one off!
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  20. I'm not sure if it will be going on Metacritic, but if it does, Clash Music have given it an 80.
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