Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

The remix album is fine. It's given an entertaining boost to a few songs and proved that some of them are just bad at their core and can't really be salvaged. What ARCA did to "Rain On Me" is... so weird. She kinda dismantled it and just... hung all the pieces up to dry. I kinda feel like she played with Ariana's parts more? It's a weird treatment with no momentum. It's like you're hearing the original from a speaker that fell in the pool and it's slowly glitching out.

Rina and Bree ate. "Replay" got a much needed shot of adrenaline. "Alice", "Plastic Doll", "Sour Candy" and "1000 Doves" became tolerable.
Drop the full photo Queen!

I think these are the full ones. I’m guessing they were used as references for the airbrush versions

I think the vocal melodies and delivery of rain on me are so distinct and strong...that it is very ambitious to put them onto a more melancholic and sparse instrumental. The build up with Arianas vocals is really sweet though.
I don't know why, but Arca's take on Rain On Me doesn't shock me and is pretty much what I was expecting - it very much feels like she turned it into a KiCK i track (samples from that album aside) and I think @RJF is right in that she spends a lot more time manipulating Ariana's vocals than Gaga's, but for me, it offers a nice oasis of melancholy from all the chaos surrounding it on the album.
I think the remixed "Free Woman" might be the best thing to come out of this entire Chromatica nightmare. The original already had some of Gaga's best ever vocals and probably her best pop topline in years, but the remix just fills it with so much thunder and Rina matches the energy perfectly. The first Gaga-related thing to give me shivers and make me grin in years. It's on repeat tonight.