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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. We should have gotten Love Me Right (Slayyyter Remix) instead of the Haus Labs Babylon.
  2. RJF


    I think the remixed "Free Woman" might be the best thing to come out of this entire Chromatica nightmare. The original already had some of Gaga's best ever vocals and probably her best pop topline in years, but the remix just fills it with so much thunder and Rina matches the energy perfectly. The first Gaga-related thing to give me shivers and make me grin in years. It's on repeat tonight.
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  3. I hate the original Replay (cannot even finish it) but the Remix slaps so hard. The demented instrumental, especially during/after the first chorus. Wig.
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  4. I am so happy for all the artists who got to work on this remix project, especially Rina and Bree. Not only do these two get the exposure, but it's also a dream for them to collaborate in some form with one of their idols. It's so crazy to watch them go from gushing over her in interviews for years to being on one of her albums.
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  5. Free Woman remix is just so awesome. It goes a little bit too loud in my ears but I grew up listening to Born This Way so it's alright. Whoever pointed that it does feel like the follow up: you're right. Absolutely flawless.
  6. Between the Born This Way anniversary celebration/covers album and this remix album, is it naive of me to think they signal a potential (positive) shift in Gaga's relationship with her legacy and art in general? Both projects just hit differently in terms of collaborators and aesthetics, and I hope that she can see the overwhelming love they've received.
  7. I was actually going to bring up the Reimagined project earlier, because I agree, and I also feel like it was a great idea with questionable execution. It should have been a moment like this is.
  8. Also I’m gagged. I didn’t even realize the hand was 3D

  9. That Sam Rolfes guy is brillìant, I loved loved loved his jrpg lyric video for Sour Candy last year but his work on Dawn has been stunning. I hope he does more work for her going forward.
  10. I have been enjoying singing the Rina adlibs as "HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!"
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  11. The Sour Candy lyric video was the perfect mix of visually current and absolutely horrifying nn. The "fairies"/neon eldritch nightmares ducking and bobbing haunts my dreams
  12. I agree! I think Reimagined would have benefitted from delivering the fans new content that actually included Gaga. Whether that is her existing vocals on the tracks with the collaborators, or some demos/alternate takes of the OG tracks, I think that would've raised interest a bit more.

    It appears both projects sort of occured with minimal involvement from her, so it just further goes to prove that adding some sort of 'new Gaga content' to the Born This Way project would've helped I think. I loved it though.
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  13. Take that back

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  14. There’s an ambient sound in the Rain On Me remix that resembles a Slack notification. A little too triggering for me.
  15. In drawing a line from classic remix albums I love that if Dua's Club Future Nostalgia is You Can Dance this is Telegram.
  16. *The vibe on Alice is very "Mario Land enemy about to come at you."

    The Stupid Love remix sounds great when it doesn't sound like... Stupid Love. Maybe a full vocal edit (that removes any bits of the original instrumental?) would work.

    What is the new vocal saying on Rain On Me before Ariana's verse? All I hear is "I want you, don't want to" in Greek (σε θέλω, δεν θέλω)...and it fits!

    *Free Woman is divine, release it as a single with an official video etc. THE NEW DROP. RIP the prominent piano from the demo though that some were saying is also prominent here (not that it would make sense in this remix).

    Fun Tonight is cute, but it really needed a new vocal from Gaga to be truly convincing in this style, didn't it. The screaming doesn't work for either this version for me.

    *911 is perfect in every iteration, as expected.

    *Plastic Doll is great, a vast improvement over the original.

    *Sour Candy is amazing too, love it. I'm missing the original middle 8, especially since the new one would have been a wonderful build-up/transition to it. Also unsure if all the BLACKPINK parts are in there (must not be). Bring back those and the original middle 8 and make this one a single with an official video as well.

    *Enigma: Love it! (I love the original too, though.)

    *Oh, wait! Replay but listenable! I hate the sample on the original and the overall vibe. I'd love this version as a single though... I'm in love!

    Sine: Cute but, yeah, not going to revisit that. If it all sounded like the first part until Elton starts singing before the honks or whatever it would probably be an improvement over the original. But thankfully I love the original and have no issue sticking with it.

    1000 Doves: It would probably be excellent if it had the full vocal? We will never know. The sound of those few processed vocals we do hear is divine though... The greatest wasted potential in the album.

    *Babylon (the remix): Musically it's okay... But the new vocals are a brilliant addition.

    *Haus Labs version: It IS the better instrumental for the track even in this state, and I don't mind its current state either - guess I won!

    Neither Babylon mix sounds like it belongs on an album with such drastic reinterpretations of all other tracks (but I'm grateful for the Haus Labs version and it probably is the more "different" version, ddd).

    *: Will probably revisit.

    Better than the originals and will probably replace the original versions on my album-proper playlist if I feel like they fit: Free Woman, Plastic Doll, Sour Candy, Replay, Babylon (Haus Labs version).
    If we had a full version sounding like the first half of Sine and a full vocal edit of 1000 Doves, they would be in this line-up as well.

    I think I'd love a version that borrows from both instrumentals (original and remix):
    For all songs except maybe Fun Tonight. A pity as Fun Tonight was one of the songs in desperate need of a makeover in my opinion and this didn't land for me...

    I'd have absolutely loved Love Me Right representation in the tracklist!
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  17. Ba-beh ba-beh ba-beh ba-beh


    Ba-beh ba-beh ba-beh ba-beh

  18. I can fuck with this.
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