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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Literally just vibing

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  2. The Replay slander on this page...g*t m*th*rf*ck*ng t*ste
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  3. Their ability to take existing work and elevate it to a level that nobody would even think possible is so impressive. I keep imagining them doing their thing on all of the Chromatica pics.
  4. Ddd it’s actually “mételo, sácalo,” which is Spanish for “put it in, pull it out.”
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  5. The second slide!

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  6. I can't get over how Charli and AG completley reworked and deconstructed 911 both sonically and lyrically. The original felt like entering a disassocative episode ("can't see me cry, can't see my cry"), but the remix actually offers an emotional catharasis ("I'm crying, I'm crying"). It's gorgeous.
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  7. For the zero other people who were consumed by this, it was the string piece int middle of Hard Feelings / Loverless. Literally consumed me for 12 hours straight until I realised. No I can go back enjoying Dawn.
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  8. The insertion of “cortisol” had me screeching, too.
  9. Slant has given it a 50, which probably isn't bad considering they're known to loathe her. At least they managed to get through this review without mocking Gaga's 'myriad traumas' like they did in their previous.
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  10. That woman needs to be stopped. I don't get how they still allow "obvious haters" to review albums. Her Rain On Me review still disgusts me.
  11. The Alice remix keeps making me want to say 'my sugar is raw' in between the 'A-L-I-C-E.' What a triumph!
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  12. Actually, scratch that, the Bree Runway mix of Babylon is.
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  13. Her not reviewing an album for an entire year and returning just to pan DoC is sending me. If Gaga haters are anything, it’s dedicated.
  14. Imagine thinking highlight "Plastic Doll" was unlistenable!

  15. This graphic dddd
  16. "Dawn of Chromatica is noisy and garish"

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  17. God forbid an album cross "microgenres"!
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