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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. He's the devil-may-care art teacher.
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  2. Besides Free Woman, 911, Plastic Doll, Enigma and Babylon, these remixes really suck. Rain on Me, 1000 Doves, Fun Tonight and particularly Replay are major failures.
  3. Imagine being so wrong. Couldn’t be me.
  4. This reddit thread has been making me crack up every time I hear the Enigma remix now:
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  5. I hope this becomes a thing and Gaga incorporates this remix into her future live sets with tortellini on the screens at the appropriate moment.
  6. Give us that good Katya remix

  7. Merch designs that didn’t make the cut

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  8. Ooh I love the last two, they're so 90s.
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  9. The first one is great but also gives me Elton John Farewell Tour poster. They're all great though.
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  10. The weather today was very nice over here so me and my friends went for a walk, basically (Czech)hunting all the ‘tribes’ spots. We only found five out of eight spots on the map though ddd and walked nearly 10 km. There is a metallic card on every spot with a QR code redirecting to play Chromatica on Spotify. A very cute effort from a fan!

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  11. This is cute. A totally different vibe from the first one and kind of fits her Jazz/Actress era dd.
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  12. Those merch designs should’ve made it! I didn’t buy anything but the vinyl and CD for DoC but if there was any merch with those first three or four designs slapped on it? She would’ve literally scalped my money!
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  13. The pitchfork write-up being the writer just outright stanning but the score being a 6.7 - oop.
  14. Those last 30 seconds of the Sine from Above remix:

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  15. tHE STR8 STaFf jUst didNt cOnNECT
  16. I think this is why I like the album so much despite never having been a fan of remixes. For the first time in Gaga's career, we're seeing her impact and influence come together in one space. The album is filled with people she helped birth, or at the very least made room for, and it just feels right. Gaga's been given her flowers by the industry heads, but she always fell short in receiving them from her peers or the artists who came after her. It was like she was considered "too new" to be cited as an influence just a few years ago, but ever since her "rebranding" and ASIB, that's completely changed. Now pretty much every major new pop girl (Doja, Olivia, Bree, Rina, Charli, etc.) have cited her influence on their art or their childhood. It's nice to see.
  17. It's just like in her letter to Tony for their album, she thanks him for being there for her, and she says that she hopes to be there for young artists in the same way.
    I also can imagine she never wants to be to younger artists what Madonna was for awhile to her.
  18. I love the album and Gaga but I find this statement a tad hyperbolic.
  19. I don't doubt that it fucked with her head a bit but let's not act like Gaga didn't literally do the same to Miley during the ARTPOP era dd. Grace Jones was also far more mean spirited towards/about Gaga than Madonna ever was in my opinion but
  20. Even I still feel the echoes of Grace’s total read of “Doris” years later, and it wasn’t even directed towards me. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before or after.
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