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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. That was the original 2018 demo. She played it on set during her V Magazine shoot

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  2. RMK


    Didn't the Bowie sample also have the same beat on top of it? Haus Labs version is fine, but I still stand by my stance on the fact he could've done more than throw it on there to appease fans. He said it didn't belong with the other remixes. Okay, Bloodpop. Try to see if it has legs and make it a remix then. Don't wine about the fact it doesn't fit, or live up to expectations.

    That also isn't from the angle of being a rude stan, people harassing him need to chill, but there's definitely a beat with more potential there being slept on and complained about.
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  3. But then it’s not the Haus Labs version. And he was annoyed because fans were complaining about the very version they had been asking for since last May, because they had it built up in their minds that it sounded like something else. There were never any plans to release this as a real track. When I asked about it last year, I was told that if Gaga wanted it out she would have put it out already. So I imagine he wasn’t given much wiggle room when it came to what was included in the end – he flat out said this was the version she approved.
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  4. The “Stupid Love” mix is everything today. I’m stomping around the house, yes I am.
  5. This is the one everyone got hyped for after the leak in March 2020, 2 months later we realized the version on the album is totally different and so the twitter stans began harassing Bloodpop for it, poor guy thought we meant the version we finally got aka only the HL ad instrumental but in the end it's the one Gaga approved so I can't be upset cause she has the final say and it's her art and it still bops.
  6. The Twitter liddos harassed him for 'Babylon Haus Labs' and that's what they got. I don't know who expected the Bowie version; we only got a 30 sec snippet of that in the end. It sounded like an awful early demo
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  7. Well the remix album slaps quite severely I must admit
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  8. He did once say they were the same when a fan asked about the V Magazine version, but I honestly doubt he was even aware of that clip.

    In the end, I am glad we got it. It makes a cute end credits sequence/reprise for the album.
  9. It's wild how much different production improved these songs. Bin Bloodpop forever.
  10. Everyone's saying Free Woman reminds them of something Born This Way esque, but I think Replay does too. The darker sound the remix brings, plus the guitar work... It's masterful. Dorian killed it on the vocals too. It's just such a good mix and their voices aren't warring with each other which is something I always worry about with tacking on extra people onto songs.
    Gaga's voice and lyrics just cater so well to that mix of dance and rock, too.
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  11. I'm loving most of this. I'm seeing most stans rank the Alice remix near the bottom and I...guess I'm not surprised but I just can't relate.
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  12. The Alice, Stupid Love and Enigma remixes sound so boring and safe compared to the rest of the album to me. They are giving Track #6 in a random maxi single, nothing interesting going on. Fine for the club but I just don’t find myself wanting to play them.
  13. Stupid Love I'll give you but the other two you named? Luv...
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  14. I don't know that I'd call anything here boring and safe. Maybe Sour Candy as it sounds the least transformative and just comes across as a pseudo cover ft. a Drag Race queen from one of the newer RuPaul albums.
  15. “Enigma” is really the only traditional club mix on there. Even “Alice” is pretty wild considering I doubt anyone was expecting a Timbalandesque flip on that track.
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  16. Well this is sure to be the most unpopular take. Not to be that contrarian girl, but Free Woman somehow sounds even more low budget here. Throwing some free sample guitar sound effects on it did not elevate. Rina sounds utterly anonymous. I'm glad for the girls getting their life, it's not for me I guess.
  17. For me, the Free Woman remix goes off and it's absolutely what I wanted in the first place.

    It really is that bop that I envision a drag queen singing in a bar and the gays going off.

    I don't think I'm going to bother listening to the original again, it sounds quite flat compared to it.
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  18. I really want to like the Alice remix. I like the idea of transforming it into a mid 2000s Timbaland beat, but it’s just too atonal/dissonant sounding for me. The vocals don’t mesh well with the production, in my opinion, but again I really like the idea of where it was headed. I didn’t have high expectations for Dorian’s Replay remix, but it’s the track I keep going back to the most. It’s so wild and balls to the wall, yet remains true to the already perfect album version. Fun Tonight and Plastic Doll were the only misses on the original album for me, and these remixes easily elevate them to somthing much more interesting and enjoyable. 10/10!
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  19. Dorian literally replaying/digitally stuttering the "replay-re-re-play" when they sing it is such a subtle tweak but I love it. Also when they turn the already camptastic middle eight into a call and response with those gorgeous added harmonies on the last chorus. 11/10, we stan, top toot of the week
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  20. Replay is hands down the best thing here. Clearly I need to check out some of Dorian’s solo work.
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