Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Like, M was petty but at least playful (and shrewd, frankly) about it. Grace straight up said she had no soul ff

It was actually really brutal, because she gave a character read and not just some surface level critique dd

With this one, who I will call Doris, I thought she was trying on other people’s outfits: she’s a baby in a closet full of other people’s clothes, a little girl playing dress-up, putting on shoes that don’t fit. I could see what she wanted to be when I watched her doing something when she started out that was starker and purer. Deep down, she doesn’t want to do all the dressing-up nonsense; she loses herself inside all the play-acting.

The problem with the Dorises and the Nicki Minajes and Mileys is that they reach their goal very quickly. There is no long-term vision, and they forget that once you get into that whirlpool then you have to fight the system that solidifies around you in order to keep being the outsider you claim you represent. There will always be a replacement coming along very soon – a newer version, a crazier version, a louder version. So if you haven’t got a long-term plan, then you are merely a passing phase, the latest trend, yesterday’s event.

They dress up as though they are challenging the status quo, but by now, wearing those clothes, pulling those faces, revealing those tattoos and breasts, singing to those fractured, spastic, melting beats – that is the status quo. You are not off the beaten track, pushing through the thorny undergrowth, finding treasure no one has come across before. You are in the middle of the road. You are really in Vegas wearing the sparkly full-length gown singing to people who are paying to see you but are not really paying attention. If that is what you want, fine, but it’s a road to nowhere.

I look at Doris and I think: Does she look happy? She looks lost, like she is desperately trying to find the person she was when she started. She looks like really she knows she is in Vegas, now that Vegas is the whole entertainment world filtered through the internet, through impatient social media. I don’t mind her dressing up, but when she started to dance like Madonna, almost immediately, copying someone else, it was like she had forgotten what it was about her that could be unique. Ultimately, it is all about prettiness and comfort, however much they pretend they are being provocative.

This is what I would say to my pupil: you have become only your fame, and left behind most of who you were. How are you going to deal with that? Will you lose that person forever? Have you become someone else, without really knowing it? Do you always have to stay in character for people to like you? Do you know that you are in character?
I don't doubt that it fucked with her head a bit but let's not act like Gaga didn't literally do the same to Miley during the ARTPOP era dd. Grace Jones was also far more mean spirited towards/about Gaga than Madonna ever was in my opinion but

She praised Miley during Bangerz era? Said people should leave her alone. Are you talking about the "don't leave your children with Lady Gaga" post? I hardly think that joke is comparable to Madonna shading her multiple times.

Minutes after this

It’s pretty obvious Gaga felt some sort of way about Miley and Katy stealing her shine back then.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that - apologies @Andy French I was thinking of her praising Miley on WWHL.

To be fair Miley also threw jabs at Gaga for copying Cindy Sherman around that time. No surprise she was bitter after being constantly compared to these two and labeled "over" by the media.
Oh yeah, I forgot about that - apologies @Andy French I was thinking of her praising Miley on WWHL.

To be fair Miley also threw jabs at Gaga for copying Cindy Sherman around that time. No surprise she was bitter after being constantly compared to these two and labeled "over" by the media.

The Cindy Sherman comments happened after this (and probably because of what Gaga tweeted) dd.
I think this is why I like the album so much despite never having been a fan of remixes. For the first time in Gaga's career, we're seeing her impact and influence come together in one space. The album is filled with people she helped birth, or at the very least made room for, and it just feels right. Gaga's been given her flowers by the industry heads, but she always fell short in receiving them from her peers or the artists who came after her. It was like she was considered "too new" to be cited as an influence just a few years ago, but ever since her "rebranding" and ASIB, that's completely changed. Now pretty much every major new pop girl (Doja, Olivia, Bree, Rina, Charli, etc.) have cited her influence on their art or their childhood. It's nice to see.
Couldn't agree more! The Pitchfork review, despite the low score, also talked about the same thing basically:
The most memorable revisions on Dawn of Chromatica create new links to other standout moments in the Gaga discography. The wailing riffs and drum fills plugged into Rina Sawayama and Clarence Clarity’s take on “Free Woman” place it squarely in the Born This Way ecosystem, and Dorian Electra’s trashy remix of “Replay” pushes the leather-and-metal energy even further into the red.

It’s this context that makes Dawn of Chromatica feel less like a celebration of a world-beating record and more like passing the torch. Bringing together this widely varied group of artists from around the world and calling attention to the qualities they share—their playfulness, their courage, their willingness to push the boundaries of taste—is an elegant way for Gaga to reinforce those same qualities as fundamental parts of a legacy that’s still taking shape.
On a plane to the Bahamas and finally giving this a spin with proper headphones. Maybe my opinion of some of the tracks will change.
Basically 2013-15 was...a time for the gals dd

Pretty much. It’s easy to forget now with all her Kindness Punks-ing in the desert and ending bullying with makeup palettes, but Gaga used to be so petty and kind of a bully in her own right towards her peers for no real reason. It wasn’t as overt as going on national TV and calling someone out, but it was there, and usually always passive aggressive. And of course there were the rare and embarrassing cases where she’d fully lash out, like when she was dragging Katy for copying her green hair via her hairstylist’s Twitter account.
I think part of her "passive aggressiveness" was a defense mechanism and a result of the constat lashings, bullying and shade she got at the start of her career. Mom was so defensive nn