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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Like, M was petty but at least playful (and shrewd, frankly) about it. Grace straight up said she had no soul ff
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  2. It was actually really brutal, because she gave a character read and not just some surface level critique dd

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  3. Eh I enjoy a good read (and am a Little Bumper Puller) but Grace's rant veered into mean for mean's shake and it made me uncomfortable.
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  4. Well that’s the point dd. People claim Madonna is the one who bullied Gaga when she was more big sister pulling her hair. Grace was genuinely kind of hateful.
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  5. When did she say this? I think Gaga herself would almost be nodding along with this during her darkest days, actually. Particularly that last bit.
  6. This was back in 2015. It’s in her memoir.
  7. Which she would never write!
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  8. Very interesting. It’s for sure a dragging and a half, but I get the vibe Gaga has faced that sort of personal identity crisis.
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  9. I mean, it’s an accurate read all the way down to the Vegas bit (and this was years before that even happened). Half of it Gaga would end up confirming herself in later years, but whew it absolutely stings.
  10. She praised Miley during Bangerz era? Said people should leave her alone. Are you talking about the "don't leave your children with Lady Gaga" post? I hardly think that joke is comparable to Madonna shading her multiple times.
  11. No

    Minutes after this

    It’s pretty obvious Gaga felt some sort of way about Miley and Katy stealing her shine back then.
  12. Oh yeah, I forgot about that - apologies @Andy French I was thinking of her praising Miley on WWHL.

    To be fair Miley also threw jabs at Gaga for copying Cindy Sherman around that time. No surprise she was bitter after being constantly compared to these two and labeled "over" by the media.
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  13. The Cindy Sherman comments happened after this (and probably because of what Gaga tweeted) dd.
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  14. Basically 2013-15 was...a time for the gals dd
  15. Couldn't agree more! The Pitchfork review, despite the low score, also talked about the same thing basically:
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  16. On a plane to the Bahamas and finally giving this a spin with proper headphones. Maybe my opinion of some of the tracks will change.
  17. Pretty much. It’s easy to forget now with all her Kindness Punks-ing in the desert and ending bullying with makeup palettes, but Gaga used to be so petty and kind of a bully in her own right towards her peers for no real reason. It wasn’t as overt as going on national TV and calling someone out, but it was there, and usually always passive aggressive. And of course there were the rare and embarrassing cases where she’d fully lash out, like when she was dragging Katy for copying her green hair via her hairstylist’s Twitter account.
  18. I think part of her "passive aggressiveness" was a defense mechanism and a result of the constat lashings, bullying and shade she got at the start of her career. Mom was so defensive nn
  19. 2013 is when the gals realised the glory days of 2009-2011 weren't gonna last forever - at least in that way and yeah. They felt feelings.

  20. It was like… so random dd.
    But we also had iconic drags likes

    “Gaga was at her lowest. She came on this bitch mad as hell etc etc etc “
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