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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I think one thing that's undeniable is that she brought theatrics back into pop. Characters, concepts, mythology, fashun. The girls were showing up in jeans and a tshirt before that (except Gwen).
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  2. There have been a good handful of journalists, producers and DJs who have credited Gaga along with the Black Eyed Peas for bringing four-on-the-floor dance back to mainstream. RedOne did an interview years back saying that well known DJs have thanked him for opening the door for them to be actual producers rather than just making club mixes.

    I feel like those songs were a lot more urban leaning though, rather than the heavy synth, four on the floor, big chorus electro Pop that took off after Gaga/BEP.
  3. RJF


    Boom Boom Pow/Just Dance/I Gotta Feeling/Poker Face eating the world in 2009 definitely pushed dance-pop to the forefront in a massive way. I would say anything happening in the few years before that felt more like isolated events (the biggest hits of 2008 is such a wild, varied read) rather than the door being smashed in the way Black Eyed Peas and Gaga did with massive, back-to-back, year-end-chart-topping behemoths. This was probably the start of the dance-pop boom, which would last until around... 2013, when trap and rap began to push back.
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  4. I was a Cascada fan at the time (dd) and the difference in how acts like them and September and even Kylie were perceived Before Gaga and After Gaga was definitely noticeable. Dance music in the US went from being a niche genre to mainstream in 2008, and I honestly attribute 98% of that to The Fame. Very possibly Gaga just happened to be the right person at the right moment to be the one to break through - but she is the one who did so.
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  5. Lil Texas is such a stan dd. He’s so hyped.

  6. I can't remember who said this (was it Nicola??) but they credited the 'Bad Romance' video as being an integral part of what made the fashion world finally fully open up to the idea of working with popstars because seeing THE designer of the time, McQueen, open his collection to Gaga in the way he did, pushed others to want to do the same. Nowadays it seems unrealistic to not expect a popstar to be outfitted in custom couture from the world's biggest fashion houses.

    Exactly. She didn't create the genre or do anything particularly revolutionary, but she was the biggest celebrity in the entire world for a solid 3-5 years. Even though she wasn't constantly sitting atop the charts at #1, she was bigger than the songs that were out-charting her. She was the zeitgeist and people followed suit. I don't understand why some people still push back on this narrative.
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  7. Her stranglehold on popular culture in those early years was undeniable. I distinctly remember almost every popstar playing catch up.

    More than anything it was her intrinsic understanding of the power of imagery. She knew how to grab our attention. We had never seen someone so outrageous, so camp, so extravagant. The way she weaponised fashion as a tool to build interest in her work? It felt unprecedented at the time.

    Every performance was a serve.
    Every music video an event. She truly was the moment.
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  8. Madonna. Britney. Gaga. Beyoncé. This.
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  9. Every now and then she shows that she still has that intrinsic understanding of what makes people pay attention. Her whole stunting during the ASIB era was straight out of her early playbook. I think it's smart that she now cleverly picks and chooses when to show off because it makes events like ASIB all the more special. Hoping House of Gucci gets the same treatment.
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  10. Not exactly on topic, but grateful for Dawn of Chromatica for having introduced me to new artistes, like Shygirl and, in turn, the tasteful banger that is "BDE".
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  11. Queen approves.
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  12. Is she announcing a new eyeshadow called Replay?
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  13. I’m almost positive she’s trolling and is just talking about the track with Tony
  14. I'm actually gonna lose it if she used this Disney filter (for the 100th time) and Replay to promote the Love for Sale song dd.
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  15. It is.
  16. Am I the only one who finds this filter terrifying?
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  18. LykkeLi from ATRL (who already had very safe sources) said that the tour name won't change regardless the new releases

    So new projects on the way before the tour ?
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