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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

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  2. Gaga sang a part of Free Woman acapella at her Vegas show yesterday

    I guess she vaguely remembers she has some solo music tied to an album called Chromatica
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  3. The only live performance we‘ll get of it.
  4. I do have a worry it might become the next "I'm only going to perform this dance song at the piano as a ballad" song of hers.
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  5. RMK


    Chromatica's campaign definitely feels like one of the biggest "imagine what could've been" moments in pop. I sometimes wonder how it would've been if Stupid Love really did drop in 2019 when rumors first started swirling.
  6. Even if the album came out when it was supposed to I think 1. more could've been done with it and 2. the fans wouldn't have been so harsh on it and annoyed at the whole experience. But... Gaga decided raising money for the pandemic was more important than putting out her album. And I understand why she chose to not do both at the same time. But she did not make up for the longer wait with anything of substance performance wise.

    Anyways... Hate that this always comes up. At least Bloodpop managed to give us the Remix album so we got something extra.
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    I don't think the problem or gripe is with the pause for fundraising, it was the lack of care for the album from that point forward. John Janick called the initial campaign one of the best he'd seen, but as soon as it became apparent there were lockdowns, everything went out the window. Coachella set cancelled, videos cancelled, silence on all fronts. We concluded the era with one performance.
  8. You spoke too soon x

  9. RMK


    I really want "Love Me Right" on streaming. Anyone know when Target exclusivity expires? (dd)
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  10. I thought this was about Do Me Right, a leaked demo she's in, and was going to ask "the Valeria track?!".
  11. I just have to say that the Ashnikko remix of Plastic Doll has no right to go off the way it does.
  12. Hey, speaking of the Ashnikko remix:

    Apparently this was an earlier version that just happened to be included on most of the CD copies.
  13. Ashnikko did what she had to do. One of the best re-invented on the album.
  14. I love the original, and the remix is a great alternate. Her addition to the chorus is fire.
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