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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Apple wants to fool the world into thinking iPhones have good enough cameras to replace real cameras.
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  2. lol
  3. That video is one hundred times better than this. The song itself too.
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  4. The red people are serving though. Let’s get glam!
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  5. It definitely feels short and truncated (the narrative element really serves no purpose) and it doesn’t fully commit to the level of camp it suggests.

    I love the choreo though and still like the song so there’s that.
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  6. The picture disc:
    I really wanted that single cover instead of this.
  7. I don’t think she’s primarily a dancer, she has always been a bit of a clumsy dancer to me but I think it’s cute
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  8. [​IMG]



    Is this sarcasm
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  9. The video description on youtube declares "Shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro", And it shows.


    I get that music videos aren't like a big event like they were 10 years ago but also that is an excuse i'm using to try to justify that this was... Not worth anyone's time.
    Like, I thought all I had to worry about was forceful Haus Labs product placement. We didn't even get that.
    The Million Reasons music video has more looks than this.
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  10. Her dance move with the vest and helmet before the first breakdown/“chorus” is SENDING me
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  11. The music video is giving me goofball villains having a giggle before going after the rangers to execute their plan that’s definitely going to work this time.
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  12. RMK


    I was ready to spend money thinking it would be the promotional pic of her. Well..
  13. I fucking loved it and couldn't help but get up and make a fool of myself dancing the moment I hit play (also because I stopped listening to the leak the day after it initially leaked so I missed the song dd)

    Wish it was longer and there was more of a plot but overall it's SUCH a great visual for the song and she is in top form in it. I love the ARTPOP era but there was a certain element of...confidence/charisma/mojo? that seemed to be missing from some of the videos, I can't quite put my finger on it. But since Perfect Illusion, I've noticed that mojo has come back. And it's so great to have THIS kind of video from her again with that kind of mojo and focus. You can tell she's in a state where she's comfortable where she's at, she isn't trying to prove anything to anyone anymore, and is having fun.
  14. This is so camp, I live.
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  15. This. I think the song is a fun basic bop and people have done way too much over it. It isn't reinventing the wheel, but it makes me want to dance. It does its job.

    The video, on the other hand, just isn't very good. It feels cheap and below what I know she can deliver. The whole 'shot on an iPhone' gimmick may be partially to blame, but the quality and some of the editing throws me off. And the premise is almost embarrassingly basic (red VS blue, but kindness saves the day!). It's very 'high school senior makes her first short film and it's full of METAPHORS!!!'. And truthfully I don't really like the choreography or costumes, either. So it's all just... not doing it for me.

    Still bopping, though.
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  16. I imagine that would be on the flip side.
  17. Listening on Apple Music right now and it sounds so good. The production has so much depth and the way it slides into the final chorus in the final version is incredible.
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  18. Giving me Totally Spies accessory that turns into a spy gadget.
  19. Scream! Surely they're saving the budget for some non-iPhone shot video because what we received was... far from worth it.
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