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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Well.. apparently she could turn her army of little monsters into a Bolshevik-led insurrection and take back the power from the 1% and remake society in the image of chromatica but she just doing a charity event
  2. I think you should put your energy somewhere else. I struggle to understand your point and i’ll just leave it at that.
  3. Not everyone has to love it. Yet please tell me, what is the issue? What is there to be uncomfortable about when the improvement of lives is involved? Nobody is asking you to think that this is the coolest thing in the world. But the least you could do is act the slightest bit humble, as it is a very good cause.

    Here’s the thing, somebody is doing something highly noble by generating money for those in dire need. Usually it is us, the workers, pressured to do this. We can’t, a lot of us are out of jobs, we are scared for our families. This is reality. It is acts such as hers that takes the pressure off even just a tiny bit, and it really will help lives. That in itself should be enough to recognize that this needs to happen and it will for the better. It’s not about her, me or you; it’s about you know...the lives that could potentially be saved?

    Now I could see the issue in her sitting back and doing nothing, but that’s not the case is it. You don’t have to apologize sis (even when it is sarcastic) because quite frankly, if we’re not able to get up and help out a cause, the least we can do is offer moral support where it is due. Like for the life of me I seriously can’t understand the purpose of this attitude? What, should she cancel the whole thing because you feel uncomfortable? Should she feel guilty for raising money for charity? Do you think cynicism will benefit the lives involved? Please, reassess your attitude.

    You know, you can look at what she’s done as a positive and beneficial thing, because it literally is, whilst also admiring and acknowledging the hard efforts of others. Just because I find what she’s done admirable, it does not mean I’m saying a big fuck you to other charitable causes. I know there are charities out there, she’s just the first public figure I’ve personally seen that has done something and spoken up. That notion that I’m against charity or something, which is based on a few words that you’ve took highly seriously, if anything, is simply naive, assumptions and inappropriate.

    There comes a point where whether you like it or not, you should know it’s for the best. Know that negativity only serves to pull good deeds backwards.Those people saying this is a great moment for her career? Well, I haven’t thought that or personally seen it, but if you see that, it doesn’t represent the actual view of the situation. That’s just childish stans who need to come back to reality.

    I mean everyone can be cynical, but I fail to understand at this point how it serves a purpose. If anything, if people are cynical of her raising money for those in need, these people surely are projecting some sort of misplaced anger, and have nothing better to do. It comes off as bitter and immature.

    Never said you had issue in the first place though. Wasn’t addressed to you, or anyone in particular, but you chose to take it seriously and show your cynicism.
  4. No need to be condescending. The event is in support of a fund that accepts donations from the public, which seems to contradict what you said (“Yes? She expressed this a thousand times that they will not take any money from the public”). That’s it.
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  5. The way I see it is she's demanding corporations start chipping in which is something more people with privilege and attention should be doing.
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  6. This I’m down with.
  7. I mean...I think it is pretty obvious that anyone can donate any time they want. The point is, Gaga's project is not asking the general public to donate... there's not going to be a phone number flashing urging people at home to donate. She knows that not everybody can. So, she's asking major corporations to donate large amounts (because they clearly can), and is doing this show strictly as entertainment for people to enjoy at home. It's something people could use right now, and she wants to bring some positivity to people.
  8. Are you really arguing over... charity?
  9. Gaga reading this thread right now.

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  10. RJF


    I feel this post sums up the problems in this thread and Gaga... perfectly. This idea that everything she's doing, and any and all opinions on it, have to be mutually exclusive. This was the initial problem with stating that wasn't the right time to release an album because it raises the questions of when is. You come into the exact problem at the end of your first paragraph; the release of a pop album is never going to trump human suffering in terms of importance, so who decides when the suffering has abated to a degree where an album release is allowed? This was the whole problem with the strategy of holding off and hoping it all blows over in three months so she can get back on SNL and Kimmell, take the rapturous applause for her relief organisation efforts... while said relief is still in dire need. Her album is never going to be more important than people suffering, so... does she just hang up the armadillo heels and pursue a career in philanthropy and fundraising? Suffering doesn't end with coronavirus; there are plenty of other problems out there that need help after this. Do we wait until all those are solved before she's allowed to go back to being a popstar, per her own rules?

    You can condone and support charity while being critical of it. You can think what Gaga's doing is great (which I do) while also being curious as to why she always feels the need to position herself front and centre of these things and the implications of that (and that's less of a criticism and more of a curiosity about her character before anyone starts crying). You can love her and still think she's been tedious as hell for the past year. You can hate "Stupid Love" and still think there's hope for the album, and... you can throw yourself into humanitarian aid and release an album at the same time too.

    All of these things wind around each other. And naturally, because nothing in her career is simple, the way they all wind around each other is tangled and complicated. I think what got everyone's back up this morning was how this news was immediately treated as a stick to beat anyone who's been critical of anything she's done recently. That, combined with the blink and you'll miss it, "Well that doesn't seem very Kindness Punk of you." address from... well, got everybody gassed up a biT, it seems.
  11. Skunk Anansie fans discussing the Paranoid & Sunburnt singles.
  12. @IMHO reading this.

  13. You guys are in a crisis.


    I'm on my way.
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  14. Fucking bye
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    turn the car on and ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
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  16. Gaga when she realized she hit Mark’s car.

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  17. close this thread. byee
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  18. Listen, I'm as disappointed as anyone that LG6 didn't end up being called Eat The Rich but, given what we can safely assume about Gaga's political leanings, I'm in the unenviable position of simply having to be grateful for every day that passes without her inevitable endorsement of Joe Biden (welp). With that in mind, I'm not going to hold my breath for her to suddenly attempt to actively dismantle the capitalist establishment, especially when said establishment won't even let a progressive get to the convention if they can help it. It's not about what I would choose for her to do in ideal scenario, it's what I expect of her in a realistic one.

    Rich Musician Lady Gaga organising a Rich Musician get-together after about two weeks of calling in favours, with millions of dollars going to healthcare workers, seems more realistically within her remit than her suddenly trying and enact long-term structural political change (because, of course, celebrities pushing a political agenda, however laudable, would never be seen as a branding exercise...). Rightly or wrongly, big philanthropic gestures are more her style and, as those go, her saying "put your money away and enjoy this thing" seems to be at least not overtly tone deaf.

    And, yes, I would love for her to make a statement by cutting ties with Amazon because, even pre-pandemic, we knew their treatment of workers was terrible. However, in terms of the fanbase's priorities when the deal was first announced, those ethical concerns were largely outweighed by the concern that they were shipping makeup and not new music.

    I have no idea if this event is truly what she had in mind she originally announced the album delay via that bitterly disappointing iOS press release, which she didn't even have the good grace to throw on some Chromatica-branded stationary. However, at least now if someone asks her a very fair question about the delay "What did you do successfully...quickly", she has something somewhat tangible to answer with. Now drop the damn album so we can find out if all this handwringing was even worth it.

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  19. I think in summary, the way I feel about this event is how I feel about people volunteering for the NHS and posting a photo in their uniform with a hashtag for the volunteers. Or Miley showing up with food packages. Or any other person doing a good deed and taking a photo of it for Instagram. There's nothing wrong with it. It's better to do something and tell people about it, than do nothing at all. They are still inherently good people doing a good thing. But... something in me finds it off-putting that you couldn't just volunteer and show up in your housekeeping scrubs. You had to have the post and show people you were doing it. Gaga couldn't just put a system in place that takes money from the rich and puts it in the WHO's pocket, she wants her selfie. And that's fine. But there will always be people that are rubbed the wrong way by it, and those people are allowed to feel that way. And likewise there will always be people who are like "but it raises awareness, it gets more money/help..." and that is true too! I really don't think there is any right or wrong in this "argument". I really don't. The whole issue seems to stem from the "pro-charity" side having to be right and not being able to accept that charity can provoke criticism. It doesn't matter if your checklist is seemingly full of ticks and you're left asking "what is wrong? Why can't you see that this is good?". I do feel some type of way about it and I won't be shamed for that.

  20. Quick descend the thread into further chaos and tell us your thoughts on Stupid Love @IMHO
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