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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Bloody Mary is so fucking good.
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  2. Only Gaga could make this shit work.

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  3. It works but it's still kind of lazy, no?
  4. "Dum dum da..." is the highlight of the song. The sass!
  5. Born This Way remains one of my very favourite pop songs. The first time I downloaded it I must have listened to it 12 times over and over. The only other song to grab me like that on first listen was Britney's ...Baby.
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  6. Ahhh Bloody Mary...
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  7. Born This Way is probably the song I'd most like to relive my first experience listening to. I only reason I like it as much as I do now because I know how much I did at one point.
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  8. Her crowning achievement. There's something special about Gaga in that certain mellow mode, see also: Sexxx Dreams. (I'd rather believe these are the songs she created under the influence of pot than the ones where she's singing about it.)
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  9. I still don't understand why this is disliked so much. It's really one of her finest. The song is fantastic and so are the visuals. The fashion, the choreography and Taylor are all amazing. For me, it's the best video we got during Born This Way.

  10. Mellow, yet somehow massive sounding Gaga is always so good

    Bloody Mary
    Sexxx Dreams
    So Happy I Could Die
    Heavy Metal Lover
    Do What U Want
  11. The wait for videos that era (and every era) was fucking awful and I distinctly remember the gays being bitter that she reused Yuyi for it when they wanted her in the Edge Of Glory video like planned. Add on genuine fatigue and how kind of poorly executed Jo was (see - VMAs) and nothing she was gonna put out around then would be seen in a purely good light.
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  12. CyborgFuneralGa absolutely serving on a road in bumblefuck Nebraska is the highlight of the "Yoü and I" single era.
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  13. I remember her explaining that she was supposed to have been walking from New York to Nebraska and that's why her feet were all bloody. I wish they filmed that.
  14. RJF


    Not to mention she had been peddling "Yoü & I" since THE DAWN OF TIME and there were so many other brilliant choices on the album that hadn't been performed everywhere.
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  15. I agree with you, but it seems like people still, 5 years on, think Yoü and I is a bad video, when it's rather good. The intro may be neither well shot or well edited, but from the moment the song starts to the end of the video, everything is on point. I actually like Jo in the video. I think the magazine shoot and the music video were the only times they got him right.
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    It's a fucking horrid video. The colour palette is lovely but everything else is a mess. It wasn't helped by the fact that it completely clashed with the rest of the album and therefore the aesthetic she was threading together.
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  17. Yeah, I'm not really getting the You and I revisionism. The images and style would have been alright but the horribly amateur editing/execution totally let it down (kind of a theme with her later Born This Way videos).
  18. I never liked that video. Give me The Edge Of Glory any day over that.
    I actually love Glory anyway.

    So, on Gagadaily they posted an article saying that Gaga is back in the studio doing more Diane Warren songs.
    I guess she must like her enough to do that, so all the posts of so many people on here saying she doesn't like her/behaviour/etc guess is not true. I don't see Gaga as being so greedy to collaborate with her again if she doesn't like her simply because her first collaboration has produced an Oscar nomination...
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