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Lady Gaga - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Bad Romance is her best. Telephone probably takes #2 for me. What a time that was.

    The introduction to the Marry The Night video is significant too, in that it explains her career up until Joanne perfectly.
  2. I love the 'Judas' video. Is that an unpopular opinion?
  3. Telephone is her best video for me, pure Gaga.
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  4. Pretty neutral. I remember the premiere of the video. Some fans loved it and some fans hated it.
  5. At least we can all agree that her worst video is for Million Reasons.
  6. Never heard of it.
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  7. What else could she have really done for it, though? Even Gaga couldn't make an interesting video out of that song. Not that it's a bad song, it's just so slow and "meaningful".
  8. GLC


    Well said. Besides, it has Clarence Fucking Clemons (RIP) and Gaga looks rad and those are big points in its favour.
  9. The simplicity of The Edge isn't what bugs me, it's the fact that the imagery that we do have doesn't match the song at all. The leather hooker look using fire escapes as a stripper pole just doesn't work at all for the song.
  10. I adore Marry the Night because for me, it's the one time her excess didn't ruin it for me. Like, Born This Way or Alejandro, I think she should have been better about self editing (which I think is both her greatest strength and biggest weakness) in those cases but Marry the Night is just so huge in the right ways.
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  11. 6 years on and I can still vividly remember the 'she's OVER!!!' meltdowns when The Edge of Glory video came out
  12. I love Edge's video, it's such a chilled, late-night rendezvous with Clarence bittersweetly delivering a last hurrah solo. The mermaid concept can stay in the trash.
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  13. You & I is a gorgeous video too. Million Reasons is probably her worst.
  14. Sam


    Million Reasons doesn't have a video.
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  15. Ever since she did Million Reasons at the AMA's barefoot in the shrubbery at night and then the XFactor with the big purple/pink moon, a video of her walking through the desert at night, which would also kind of make it a continuation of PI, with the stars in the background and then maybe incorporating the giant pink moon in would have been a lovely music video.
  16. She's being massively dragged for her rant against Trump on Twitter. If you click on the hashtag she created "#ThisIsNotUS" it's all negative.
  17. I always pictured the 'Million Reasons' video to be Gaga being lead through a desert at night by a mystical coyote....

    ....instead we got.....that.
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  18. rdp


    I was browsing through some BTW-era performances on youtube and remembered this one. The country nymph aesthetic, the set-up, the vocals... She's such a hard worker.

  19. It was a little tone-deaf.

    Hopefully she takes the criticisms well to become more articulate.
  20. The Marry the Night video is amazing from the point where she walks in to the dance studio in all denim. The scenes before that... no.
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